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28 Free QR Code Read Aloud Cards – in Spanish!

by Emily Horn

I’m back with more read alouds. This time- in Spanish! These 28 stories are available thanks to Scholastic Storybook Treasures, and they have stories in Mandarin as well. If you’re teaching Spanish as a second language, teaching in a bilingual setting, or if you have Spanish-speaking students in your class, you might find these useful. If you read my previous QR code blog article, I gave some tips for in-class read alouds and listed ideas for using the QR codes in class for independent reading. Those ideas also apply here!

What Works Well

I like these read alouds because they are visually pleasing. The images are animated and interesting, and the speaking is very clear and at a decent rate. They provide a good model for fluent reading and pronunciation in Spanish. No doubt they will be interesting for students!

Even Better If

These videos would be even better if they had closed captioning for accessibility and to allow students to see the words as they were being spoken. This would help with word recognition, vocabulary, and letter-sound correspondence. If you watch these directly on Youtube, be aware– there are a lot of ads. Nevertheless, these do provide a good option for independent Spanish read alouds in the classroom. But there is a trick for eliminating those ads using Wakelet! Don’t know what Wakelet is? No problem. Check out this great article. To prevent students from having to watch ads, I went ahead and placed them in Wakelet for you.

Removing Ads and Creating QR Codes in Wakelet

You can place each video link in a separate Wakelet collection and set the privacy for each collection to be “unlisted.” Then, for each collection, click “share” and chose the QR code option. I saved the QR codes as images to my laptop. Here’s a quick one-minute video tutorial.

The QR Code Cards

I hope you find this Wakelet tip helpful and that you and your students enjoy these 28 FREE QR Code Spanish Read Alouds! Happy reading (and listening).

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Andrea Vallejo May 6, 2022 - 8:09 am

Hi Emily,

I would LOVE to use this. I located the wakelet, but it says nothing has been added. I know how to make one, but your article said you had already done it. (I’m so grateful!) Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you!

Emily Hopkins May 6, 2022 - 9:25 am

Hi Andrea! I’m so glad you can use these. 🙂 The QR codes take you directly to the read alouds in Wakelet. All you have to do is download them, print them out, and scan the code to watch the read aloud (or you can display one on your projector for students to scan, for example). Take a look at my previous article (with English read alouds) for more info on how you could use these. And if you need anything else, feel free to reply back!

Sally May 9, 2022 - 12:00 pm

thank you for this great resource and the Wakelet trick! =you may find more Spanish read-alouds here

thanks again!


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