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A Winter Digital Breakout for Beginners

by Peggy Reimers

Digital breakouts are totally my thing, and I recently got the opportunity to craft one tailored for beginners. You might be curious – how is this digital breakout easier? Well, let me walk you through the details. 

  1. There are only two sections available for clues.
  2. The locks give an example.
  3. I included only one obvious distractor – the little birds in the trees.
  4. There are no commas, and the order of a color/number/letter is NOT mixed up. (But then again – insider tip – I never mix up the order of my locks. What you see is what you get: WYSIWYG! For further verification, the order is never in alphabetical order, backward, or any other order you might think of. )

Why Choose a Digital Breakout for Students?

Digital breakouts are a fun and interactive way for students to explore various topics. This engaging process involves using what you know and your reasoning skills to solve a series of clues, unlocking digital locks just like you would with a physical breakout box. It’s like a virtual adventure that combines learning and problem-solving for an exciting educational experience.

Can Your Students Solve the Winter Breakout?

Have a blast with the Winter Digital Breakout! If you need assistance cracking the puzzle or want to share the breakout success of your students, feel free to drop me an email at preimers@tcea.org. I’m eager to hear from you and learn about the breakout achievements in your classroom!

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