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The Pizza Digital Breakout for Students

by Peggy Reimers

Step into the world of the Pizza Digital Breakout, a delightful and interactive activity designed to captivate students. This digital breakout invites students to unravel puzzles by leveraging the information provided on the Pizza Digital Breakout Google Site. Cleverly concealed clues await discovery within the content, and answers are submitted through a user-friendly Google Form embedded on the site.

There are four locks included in this pizza-themed digital breakout.

Tips for Solving My Digital Breakouts

Entering the world of digital breakouts might feel a tad puzzling at first without clear instructions. Opting for teamwork in pairs is a clever approach—after all, two heads think differently, making it simpler to uncover answers. Kick things off by taking on a digital breakout as a class initially; it’s a great way to highlight possible strategies and ensure everyone is on the same page. Here are some additional tips to remember when solving a digital breakout I’ve created:

  • I always try to include one or two hidden links for lock answers.
  • I rarely use links to outside websites because I never know when the link might break or when inappropriate content could pop up. So best just to stay away!
  • WYSIWYG is always in place. The order in which the clue is displayed on the page is the lock order. I never mix up text or images for an answer. 
  • Sometimes I use a lock I created myself. It is called a Number Shape Lock. Look for an object you see a whole bunch of in the Google Form, the hidden locks, or even on the page itself. Determine the shape of the object: sphere, square, or perhaps a circle. Look for this object everywhere! Keep count of how many you spot, and this is the number you will use in the lock answer.

Remember, just email me at preimers@tcea.org for the answers. Brace yourself for a pizza-themed activity that not only tests your students’ problem-solving skills but also infuses a sense of fun into the learning process. Why not spice things up by unleashing it on a day designated for a classroom Pizza Party extravaganza? Let the pizza-themed fun and learning collide!

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