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Where Is Your District on Implementing Artificial Intelligence?

by Lori Gracey
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As the 2023-2024 school year wraps up, it’s a good time to consider where your district is with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. I think we all recognize by now that AI is not a trend and it’s not going away. And hopefully we also realize that it can provide tremendous value for all learners if it is implemented well. So where are you on the road to a planned, successful implementation to fully access its potential? 

Do you feel like your district is behind?  You’re only behind on AI if:

  • You haven’t done any work at all on it in your district.
  • Your educators and staff are still very afraid of or don’t understand what Artificial Intelligence is or what it can do for them.
  • You don’t have a plan or policies or how to move forward with AI.

If you aren’t behind, congratulations! Know that TCEA can still support you as you move forward. We offer customized onsite and virtual professional learning that is tailor to meet the specific needs of your staff and leadership. We also can help in other ways.

If you are behind, know that TCEA can help you. Here’s how:.

  • Let us provide initial three-hour customized, hands-on professional learning to Central Office and campus-based leaders on what Generative AI is, what it can do for them in their own work, and what its implementation means for staff and students.
  • Let us work with a committee of your educators to craft policies and procedures for the use of AI for learning. These recommendations would be put in place for the 2024-2025 school year, allowing you to move forward easily.
  • Let us provide initial learning for PreK-12 educators and support staff. We can do this through face-to-face training onsite or via our self-paced, online courses on Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT. This will provide them with a solid understanding of what AI is and isn’t, how they can use it both personally and professionally, and how it can help students better master important content. In addition, the training will provide each participant with a free lifetime membership in TCEA so that the learning can continue through our many recorded webinars, blog, and shared resources.
  • Enroll some of your staff who have started using AI in our AI for Educators Conference to be held July 25. This innovative learning experience will focus on authentic ways to best implement AI across grade levels and content areas. The conference is completely virtual and will be recorded so that attendees have access to all of the sessions and not just some of them.
  • Let us work with your public relations and IT staff to craft website chatbots to support greater communication with your community and custom GPTs for greater efficiency and productivity in staff.
  • Let us help your curriculum and instruction staff and instructional coaches to develop specific lessons to introduce the use of AI for learning to your students.

Whatever you need to ensure that your staff and students can effectively and safely harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for teaching and learning, TCEA can provide. Reach out to me today at lgracey@tcea.org and let’s start a conversation on how to move forward. 

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