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Four Great Twitter Walls to Use

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
Twitter wall

Do you have an event coming up and would like to encourage tweeting during the event? Then you may want to consider using a Twitter wall. A Twitter wall displays a specified hashtag, list, or user account and updates every few seconds. Many events that make use of a Twitter wall will use a projector to have it displayed in a prominent place so their attendees can see the action…and hopefully participate by sharing their learning via Twitter.

Though Twitter walls can be pricey, here are four that I found that are either free or offer a free version that is well done.

The Wallrus

This has to be the easiest Twitter wall to set up. You have multiple themes available, can upload your logo, and identify one Twitter keyword, username, or Instagram keyword on the free version. There are four layouts (text, text and images, images, and instructions) which you can use in any combination or use all four (my preference) set on timers.

Activity Walls

Though not quite as extensive as The Wallrus, Activity Walls does do a nice job of showing the most recent tweets. Just identify your hashtag, set the colors (which can be a little quirky, depending on what browser you are using), and your wall is instantly created. Using Chrome, I can quickly jump to full screen for a nice projected view; using Internet Explorer, I can customize the accent, background, and text colors.

 Tweet Monsters

Tweet Monsters is simple and focused. The free account is for personal use; you’ll need to contact them for pricing on corporate and other uses. Begin by identifying your hashtag. Customize text and background colors as well as the font, transition type, and transition speed. If needed, you can use the custom word filter to identify words to be filtered out and to either not show the tweet or substitute the bad word with an *. The downside of Tweet Monsters is that you only see one tweet at a time.

Twitter Fall

This Twitter wall has the most options available without a cost. You can add lists, searches, tweets by geolocation, exclude specific hashtags or words, and color code your timeline, mentions, and direct messages if needed. You do have a variety of setting to change regarding the speed, fall size, language, font size, and whether or not to show retweets. When finished tweaking your wall, you will want to click on the Presentation Mode link for easier viewing for your attendees. Though not the most professional looking wall, it does give the most flexibility. And, when I’m in a Twitter chat, I use this wall to follow the exchange and participate.

Twitter Wall Tips

When using a Twitter wall, be sure to consider these tips to make sure that it works the way you intend and that you get the most out of it with your attendees.

  • Investigate and choose your hashtag carefully. Be sure that the hashtag you are using isn’t conflicting with other users’ use of the hashtag, which may be completely different (and inappropriate) than your intentions.
  • Share your hashtag with your users well in advance and start “priming the pump” with tweets about your event.
  • Ask your attendees to tweet out their learning, great ideas, quotes, etc. using the hashtag during the event. Encourage non-tweeters to move from lurking to retweeting.
  • Tweet with images and photos to increase the engagement and the likelihood it will be shared with others.

Now that you have a few Twitter walls to choose from and some tips to get you started, we’d love to see what you do with them. Share the link to your Twitter wall in the comments below.

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