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Twitter Takeaways: Five iOS Special Effects Apps

by Miguel Guhlin
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Looking for Twitter takeaways focused on iOS special effects apps? You have come to the right place. Apple’s iOS devices offer incredible apps you can carry around with you on your mobile device. This list expands on a previous blog entry,  iOS Movie Effects, that I wrote back in 2016. Here are a few that awesome Twitterers have shared more recently.

#1 – Add Holograms to Real Life

The Holo app (@thisisholo), which John Bimmerle (@j_bimmerle) introduced me to brings virtual reality alive. Put a hologram of a favorite character (300 characters/animal holograms to choose from) into the world around you as if they were there. The holograms are life-size. You can resize, rotate, and move holograms to set things up.

#2 – Create Looping Mini Videos

Boomerang from Instagram (@boomerangfromIG) enables you to create engaging mini videos that loop back and forth. Find a person or object that is moving; then Boomerang will take a burst of ten photos, looping them into a short video. You can share your creation via Facebook, Instagram, or to your iOS camera roll.

#3 – Show Off Your Super Powers

Try Super Powers FX – Superpowers (@superpowerfx). This app makes it a cinch to shoot lightning/fireballs from your hands, “lasers from your eyes, or control the elements, teleport, and more!” Zap those veggies.

#4 – Transform the World Around You

Transform the world around you with Anime Power FX. It lets you record and add a wide variety of anime effects. You can exert your influence over everything and everyone around you, adding special effects to classroom skits and more.

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#5 – Add Dinosaurs and Other Critters to Your Videos

Ever wanted to add Hollywood CGI special effects to your iOS captured photos or videos? Efexio (@efexio)  in the free version offers five different effts. Up to 100 effects are available in the paid version. Effects include dinosaurs, dragons, penguins, skeletons, robots, zombies, and unicorns, as well as fire, rain, and lighting.


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