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Help Your Students Discover Their Strengths

by Lori Gracey

As a teacher, it is much easier to differentiate instruction for students if I know what their strengths and weaknesses are. And now there’s a new tool to help. Thrively is a free website service that allows students to discover their strengths and pursue their passions.

With Thrively, a teacher can:

  • Learn about each student’s unique strengths using the Strength Assessment. Each student will receive a personalized profile that celebrates his/her unique talents across 23 factors.
  • Engage students through their interests and talents. The service recommends personalized content and enrichment opportunities for each student based on his/her strengths and interests.
  • Celebrate the wonder of each student. Encourage students to share their strengths with each other to better use them on a day-to-day basis.


In order to use Thrively, a teacher first creates a free account. Then you can assign the assessment to students. Once the profile has been completed for each student, they can learn about their strengths, watch videos related to their interests, and discover local activities in which they might want to take part.

Thrively would be a great way to start back after the holiday. Because every student will have strengths, it can be a very affirming activity. Think about doing this with your classroom in January.

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