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Apps for Fun Over the Holidays

by Peggy Reimers

We’ll all have some free time to relax and unwind over the winter break. If you need some technology to help you take it easy, here are a few fun apps.

Red Herring is my favorite word game. It comes in handy in the grocery store or TSA line. A game consists of 16 words. 12 of the words are placed in three categories of four words each. There are four words that are thrown into the mix to distract you; these are the Red Herrings, pesky little words whose sole purpose is to mislead you. You can choose your own level: easy, normal, or hard. You can buy puzzle packs at $0.99, but I enjoy playing the one free puzzle a day. iOS/Android

ElfYourself allows you to “elf” yourself and four other friends. You can post your personalized video in the Cats theme and share via email or Facebook. There are many other video choices, but they will set you back $0.99 a pop. iOS/Android

Star Wars by Disney is your app connection to a galaxy far, far away. You can get trailer releases and movie news, but this app has so MUCH MORE! A couple of cool things: Take and share a Star Wars “selfie” such as Princess Leia complete with her hair buns or Han Solo’s carbon freeze. The app is equipped with a Sound Board, which will allow you to play classic sound clips: “How rude!” by C3PO or you can listen to Darth Vader’s “I am your father.” This Day in Star Wars History is full of fun trivia. May the app be with you! iOS/Android

Blur and Mosaic is a free app that will create a pixelated mosaic when you trace your finger over an area of an image. You can select from different grades of thickness and strength for your mosaic as well. iOS

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji is a free app with the ability to buy more theme packs for $0.99.  First you design your own personal avatar. The app comes with hundreds of attributes to customize everyone’s unique look. Next choose a mood, a scene, or a saying to message, email, or post to Facebook or Twitter. iOS/Android

Colorfy is a coloring book app for adults. It comes with a ton of free graphics for you to add your artistic touch to and more are available with an in-app purchase. iOS/Android

Not an app, but dust off your mad decorating skills and get ready to decorate a gingerbread cookie in the shared TCEA Gingerbread Google Slides deck. Click here and find an undecorated slide to begin.

This post was updated with additional resources on December 1, 2021.

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