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The Big List of Educational Twitter Chats

by Sara Qualls

Are you on Twitter? If not, it’s a great place for you to connect with other educators who are in the same place as you and who want to focus on specific topics. It’s instant access to a community of lifelong learners! And, if you haven’t joined Twitter because you don’t want to post things yourself, please know that posting is not required. You can just follow and enjoy what others are posting.

Accessing Twitter Chats

One of the powers of Twitter is the Twitter chat, an online conversation around a set topic at a specific time. How do you access these repositories of shared knowledge? You download a free tool. At TCEA we like the following tools:

  • Tweetdeck (Lori Gracey’s personal favorite). They also offer a Chrome extension.
  • Tchat.io – Authenticate with your Twitter log in and then sit back and watch the chat happen in your browser. Can’t read the Tweets fast enough? Simply hit the pause button. Too many retweets clogging up your Twitter chat stream? Hide them. The potential is enormous with this tool.
  • Twitterfall – Probably the simplest Twitter chat tool to use, but it does include some nice optional features.

Here are some of the best educational Twitter chats around.


#sschat: Mondays, 6 p.m. CST
All about social studies? This chat dates back to 2010. Join your fellow educators on Mondays in the Twitter world.

#formativechat: Mondays, 6:30 p.m. CST
You’ll find this group of educators discussing topics related to giving effective feedback and all things related to formative assessment. Stay in the loop by following the host Rachelle Dené Poth.

#LearnLAP: Mondays, 7 p.m. CST
This chat was created from the book Learn Like a Pirate and is for educators who want to empower their students to collaborate, lead, and succeed.

#resiliencechat: Mondays, 7 p.m. CST
You can follow the founder of this chat, Sara Truebridge, to discuss how to build resilience.

#edtechchat: Mondays, 7 p.m. CST
Turn to this chat when you want to discuss anything related to ed tech.

#OpenUpMath: Mondays, 7:30 p.m. CST
Into math? This chat’s for you.

#kinderchat: Mondays, 8 p.m. CST
Working with kindergarteners? This chat is for you.

#MLLchat: Mondays, 8 p.m. CST
Formally, #ELLchat, is where educators teaching multilingual or emergent bilingual learners gather.

#TLAP: Mondays, 8 p.m. CST
If you like Dave Burgess’ teaching methods, join in with other educators who like to teach like a pirate.

Twitter Chats

Tuesday Twitter Chats

#Seidlitz_chat: First and third Tuesdays, 7 p.m. CST
Here’s another chat for those reaching multilingual or emergent bilingual learners.

#CultureEd: Tuesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Need to create a culture shift? This chat explores ideas on how to create a positive culture in education.

#pblchat: Tuesdays, 8 p.m. CST
If you’re an educator interested in discussing or learning more about project-based learning, this group of tweeters can help.

#elemmathchat: Tuesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Calling all elementary math teachers! This is one Twitter chat you don’t want to miss.

#leadK12chat: Tuesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Are you a leader in K12? Join other leaders every Tuesday to discuss a variety of topics.

#AppleEDUChat: Tuesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Join other educators every Tuesday during the school year to learn, share, and connect.

Twitter Chats


#ARVRinEDU: Wednesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Founded by Jaime Donally, this chat is for educators using augmented or virtual reality in your classroom.

#UDLchat: First and third Wednesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Want to learn how to make education more inclusive for every learner? This chat is for you.

#educoach: Wednesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Instructional coaching can be an isolating job! Find others in the same boat every Wednesday.

#wiredwednesday: Wednesdays, 8 p.m. CST
Join this squad of educators to help you level up in making a difference in the lives of your students.

#TXed: Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m. CST
Don’t let the name fool you. This group of moderators loves to connect with educators around the world, not just from Texas.


#OK2Ask: Every other Thursday, 7 p.m. CST
What educator isn’t on the hunt for resources for their classroom? This group loves to share!

#MasteryChat: Thursdays, 7 p.m. CST
Hosted by the good folks of The Teach Better Team, you’ll find weekly chats on the art of teaching.

#mschat: Thursdays, 7 p.m. CST
There is nothing like teaching in middle school, am I right? Join your people here!

#gtchat: Thursdays, 7 p.m. CST
Join the discussion as thoughts, resources, and insights into gifted issues.

#LangChat: Thursdays, 7 p.m. CST
This is a weekly world language teacher chat. Topics such as methodology, assessment, and professionalism, as well general education topics are discussed and how they relate to language teaching and learning.

#games4Ed: Thursdays, 7 p.m. CST and Sundays 2 p.m. CST
Are you interested in game-based learning or gamification? Start here.

#appleEDUleaderchat: Thursdays, 8 p.m. CST
Jump on into this chat for sharing insights, ideas, and solutions. This discussion is geared towards leaders in education.

#ditchbook: Thursdays, 9 p.m. CST
Need ideas on incorporating technology into your classroom for better digital learning? This community has a plethora of ideas to share and explore.

Twitter Chats


#satchat: Saturdays, 6:30 a.m. CST
If you’re an early riser and a school leader (or want to be), be sure to hop on Twitter and join this engaging chat.

#nt2t: Saturdays, 8 a.m. CST
Are you new to Twitter? You’re not alone. This chat is moderated by its co-founder Julie Szaj.

#TheJuiceChat: Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. CST
#TheJuiceChat is all about spilling the EdTech juice! A variety of educators moderate this chat and discuss all things related to education.

Twitter Chats

#EduGladiators: Saturdays, 8 a.m. CST
Join in on the conversation if you are interested in leadership, engagement, and advocacy.


#PeopleSkillsChat: Sundays, 9 a.m. CST
Gather with people who are wanting to explore diverse topics of human interaction, behavior, need, and impact.

#TeachPos: Sundays, 6:30 p.m. CST
Join other educators in this chat to focus on all things positive in the field of education.

#BuildHOPEedu: Sundays, 8 p.m. CST
Couldn’t we all use a little more hope? Join the discussion on building hope in schools.

#aplitchat: First and fourth Sundays of the month, 8 p.m. CST
This chat isn’t just for AP literature educators but for all those teaching English.

Know a great chat that I missed? Email me or reach out on Twitter, and I’ll be happy to add to the list. See you in the Twitterverse!

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