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TCEA Responds: Convert Jamboards to Microsoft Whiteboard

by Miguel Guhlin

Dear TCEA Responds:

Is there a way to convert a Google Jamboard document to a Microsoft Whiteboard? Help!

Thanks in advance, Seliza

Dear Seliza,

Thanks so much for your fascinating question. Many of us find ourselves living in two or three different ecosystems. We do some of our work in Google Workspace for Education and some in Microsoft 365. Others even manage to get work done with Chromebooks in Microsoft 365 or using Google tools with Apple iPads.

In this particular case, it is possible to convert Google Jamboard documents, and when done, you’ll be able to use a Google Jamboard in a Microsoft Whiteboard. I will also explain how to bring Microsoft Whiteboard templates into Google’s Jamboard, in case you were curious.

What Are the Tools?

If you’re wondering, Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital whiteboard. You can use Microsoft Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams, too.

microsoft whiteboard

There are many whiteboard solutions available. Google Jamboard has become popular because it allows for collaboration and easy editing. Of course, Google Jamboard does limit you to 25 participants max at a time.

Want to learn more about Google Jamboard? What about get thousands of Jamboard templates? If that’s of interest, be sure to sign up for TCEA’s Google Jamboard online, self-paced course. You won’t regret it!

Microsoft Whiteboard comes with a host of templates you can use. Take a look at those before beginning the journey of converting a Jamboard. Of course, “converting” a Jamboard isn’t really accurate. Technically, you’re making a digital copy of the Jamboard as an image. This means that you can use image editors like Microsoft Paint or browser-based Kleki. These editors make it simple to make changes or adjustments. We’ll also go over some workarounds in Microsoft Whiteboard.

Steps for Converting a Jamboard to a Microsoft Whiteboard

Here’s the Jamboard I’ll be converting:

microsoft whiteboard

Copy this Jamboard Frame

Note: Many Jamboards begin as Google Slides or Drawings, so if you’re able to find and copy the original Slide or Drawing, you’ll be able to edit the contents. Once you import them into Jamboard, they serve as image backgrounds. That’s why Jamboard frames are harder to edit unless you are using a dedicated image editor. Some no-cost image editors you can use if you’d like to edit a Jamboard frame are:

Of course, there are many others. So remember, if you can’t get a copy of the Google Slide or Drawing that inspired Jamboard, use an image editor like the ones above.

Step #1: Save a Jamboard Frame as an Image.

Jamboard gives you the option to save a frame as an image. You can easily do that by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and selecting “Save frame as image” from the drop-down menu.

microsoft whiteboard

Step #2: Open Microsoft Whiteboard.

You can open Microsoft Whiteboard online. Once you have it open, click the plus sign to create a new whiteboard.

microsoft whiteboard

Step #3: Import the Jamboard Image Frame.

Once you have a new Whiteboard document created, click on the images icon which will allow you to import any image you want so long as it is a JPG, PNG, GIF, or a variant of those.

microsoft whiteboard

This will allow you to import the image frame you saved. Of course, you won’t be able to make changes to the image (but you couldn’t do that in Jamboard, either).

Step #4: Make Your Final Adjustments.

Once you have the Jamboard image in Microsoft Whiteboard, you’re all set to make any edits and additions.

One of the neat features of Microsoft Whiteboard is the image editing tools.

microsoft whiteboard

You can also use the Create toolkit to create boxes that overlap elements of the imported frame and add text above those boxes.

microsoft whiteboard

Steps for Importing Whiteboard Templates into Jamboard

So you can see how easy it is to move Jamboards into Microsoft Whiteboard. Of course, you can also do the same with Microsoft. Let’s say you find a wonderful template in Microsoft Whiteboard to use. Why not export it, then bring it into Jamboard for use?

Step #1: Export the image from Microsoft Whiteboard.

Click the Settings wheel and then select Export image.

microsoft whiteboard

You will also be prompted to choose image size. Try both Standard or High resolution to see which will work best for your purposes. I preferred high resolution.

microsoft whiteboard

Step #2: Import the image into Jamboard.

Select Set Background Image, click the add image icon, and import the image.

microsoft whiteboard

Step #3: Make any adjustments!

Once you import the image, you can add sticky notes, text, images, drawings, etc.

microsoft whiteboard

From Jamboard to Microsoft and Back Again

I hope you’ve found this article on Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard helpful! As a bonus tip, I’ll say that one of the amazing tools you can use to design Jamboard or Whiteboard backgrounds is Sketch.io. I’ve discussed it in other blog entries. You can use it as a browser-based alternative to other popular tools. Those other tools include Google Slides, Google Drawings, or Microsoft Powerpoint. Use the tool that makes the best sense for your students. Be on the lookout for a blog later this week by Peggy Reimers with Jamboard bellringer activities!

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