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TCEA Podcast #4: Problem-Solving Makerspace

by Miguel Guhlin

Thank you for listening to the TCEA TechNotes Podcast #4: Problem-Solving Makerspace, Part 1. In the first portion of the podcast, we’ll be listening to two makers from McKinney ISD. One of my favorite take-aways is their Awesome Wall:Makers


Listen to TCEA Podcast #4: Makerspace, Part 1

with Tonya Hinkebein and Susan Hefley

Makerspace TaskCard

The focus for this podcast is on becoming a maker and setting up a makerspace. I am thrilled to share with you, in this first interview, the perspectives of Tonya Hinkebein (@TonyaHinkebein) and Susan Hefley (@malvernmrs), both TCEA members in McKinney ISD, who recently shared their insights into creating makerspaces in their schools at the Tots and Technology 2016 Conference in Galveston. We will also be hearing from other TCEA members later in the Makerspaces podcast series, sharing their knowledge and experiences about makers.

Makerspace Example
Some of the questions, with minor edits, that I asked Tonya and Susan included the following:

  • How do you define “makerspace”?
  • Why did you decide to have a makerspace?
  • What does your makerspace look like?
  • How are makerspaces relevant to students?
  • How do you handle grading in a makerspace?
  • How do you fund your makerspaces?
  • What are your future plans?
  • What else would you like to share with listeners?

Some of the points that Tonya and Susan shared included how they manage their fixed and mobile makerspaces and keep track of data for their school principals.

Susan and Tonya consider problem solving a life skill that many students lack. Susan shares about how makerspaces can build language skills for English Language Learners (ELL) students.


Makerspace time earned

Makerspace Example


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