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TCEA Challenge: Taking on the New ELAR TEKS Contest

by Lori Gracey
TCEA Challenge ELAR

With the revised English Language Arts and Reading TEKS being implemented this fall, we think it’s a great time to hold a contest that focuses on resources aligned to them. We also believe that it’s always a great time to learn or practice a new tech tool. So TCEA is challenging all educators to create a curated list of AMAZING websites, lesson plans, videos, tools, PDFs, audio files, and more to help K-12 ELAR teachers. And we want you to use the free resource Wakelet to create your curated list.

The Rules for the TCEA Challenge: ELAR Contest

  • Anyone, TCEA member or not, may enter the contest. However, the prizes are different for members and non-members.
  • You must select one specific grade level for your curated list.
  • You must use the free tool Wakelet to create your curated list of resources aligned to the new ELAR TEKS and share it publicly so anyone may view it.
  • There must be at least 15 quality resources in the Wakelet. The resources may be designed for teacher and/or student use, but must clearly indicate which.
  • You may choose to collaborate with others, but the prize will be given to the lead submitter.
  • The link to your completed Wakelet must be received on this Google Form no later than 5:00 p.m. CDT on Friday, August 9, 2019.
  • You may enter as many times as you wish, focusing on a different grade level each time.

Sharing Expectations and PrizesTCEA Challenge ELAR

  • All the Wakelets submitted will be shared with TCEA (modify the settings to make them share *and* COPY friendly) so that we may share them with everyone to use for the period of at least one year. Full rights and ownership of each Wakelet will be retained by the creator.
  • TCEA will review the Wakelets submitted and announce the winners no later than September 6, 2019.
  • The best Wakelet in each of the three grade groupings (K-5, 6-8, and 9-12) will win its creator either a $150 Amazon gift card (TCEA members) or a free, one-year TCEA member (non-members).



Entries will be judged in groups based on the grade level selected: elementary (grades K-5), middle school (grades 6-8), and high school (grades 9-12). The following rubric will be used:

Alignment to one specific grade level of the revised ELAR TEKS is clear in the Wakelet 10
Content provided is appropriate for the grade level selected 8
Content is accurate and is based on the latest research 10
Content is of educational value to ELAR teachers and/or their students 10
At least 15 different high-quality resources are included 8
Wakelet is colorful 5
Wakelet is well organized with content divided appropriately so that it is “teacher friendly” 8
The organization of resources flows in the way that they should be used from top/beginning to bottom/end 5
A specific John Hattie high-impact strategy (https://blog.tcea.org/tag/john-hattie/) is included and explained in the resources 10
A variety of types of content is provided, including websites, lesson plans, images, PDFs, videos, text documents, audio files, Tweets, and others 8
40 or more high-quality resources are included 7
Resources included can be used for blended learning 5
Resources are included for ESL/ELL learners 5
Resources are included for differentiated learning 5
If student-use resources are included, they are clearly labeled for students 5

Think about how much you could help integrate technology and engage students around the country by creating one of the winning Wakelets that will be used by teachers everywhere. Then consider how you could use $150 to purchase anything your heart desires on Amazon. Then get busy curating amazing content and get your entry in before August 9, 2019!

Header photo courtesy of the ELAR Resource Website.

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