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Research has shown that multitasking is impractical and leads to lower quality results for projects completed concurrently. We sympathize with the multitude of tasks you’re responsible for on a daily basis, beyond your typical (shall I say pre-COVID) tasks, and those were already overwhelming. Everybody needs more time to do more things…to do ALL the things. How can TCEA 2022 help? Well, we can help maximize your convention planning, so you get the most out of your time. And, in this post, we’ll share some resources from two of our online Thought Leaders that can help you out in your day-to-day work. 

TCEA 2022 Convention Badges

With the leadership of TCEA’s Board, Convention Chair Mindi Vandagriff, and the intentional planning of the Convention Advisory Panel, TCEA has curated its upcoming event to serve the needs of those 1) who are up for the challenge of a jam-packed conference, 2) who are strapped for time, or 3) who are on the fence about what to do.

1. Up for a jam-packed conference?

If you’re up for the challenge of filling your professional learning toolbox to the brim and your bag full of swag, and joining all the special events in between, you probably want to go for the TCEA 2022 Full Conference badge. This is an all-in-one solution that includes full access to in-person sessions and both of the available online packages (Bridging the Learning Gap and Social-Emotional Learning). You’ll have access to 30 days of self-paced learning for a potential of 50 extra credit hours, in addition to in-person attendance! Pack your schedule by checking out the mock schedules curated by your peers, viewing the full session listing and handpicking sessions, or visiting the Attendee Services desk to get the help of a veteran attendee. 

2. Strapped for time? 

No problem. You can choose a combination of TCEA 2022 registration badges. We’ve got you covered. For example, attend using the one-day badge, then add on one or both online packages. Or attend the exhibit hall and add an online package. Make a combination that works best for your availability. If you need flexibility, online packages and one-day or Exhibit Hall badges may be just what you’re looking for. 

3. On the fence? 

On the fence of what you can or should do? Uncertain of travel? Not sure whether you can get coverage over the dates of the event? No worries. Dive into two specialized TCEA 2022 online packages. Whether you purchase one or both, you will have access to livestreamed presentations, on-demand sessions, and all content available at your own pace for 30 days.

Jennifer Gonzalez Provides a Gallery of Solutions

For those unfamiliar with Jennifer or her Cult of Pedagogy resources, you are missing out! We’re sharing just one of many videos, resources, and blog articles Jennifer has provided, but this one takes the cake. The entire concept is to stop pushing the easy button on teaching. It’s something we revert to when things get tough, but Jennifer brings you some ways to revise and retool to improve your lesson plans without adding to your plate.

Check out this synopsis, then dive deep into her ideas to further improve here. Additionally, you can learn more from Jennifer Gonzalez next February by being a part of either of the two TCEA 2022 online packages.

Jorge Valenzuela Shares Where to Start

Do you want to focus on well being and social-emotional opportunities for yourself, your students, your campus, and your district, but don’t know where to start? Learn from Jorge and his guest podcasters who dive into how it takes true teamwork to make SEL possible and successful.

Jorge’s SEL in Action podcast examines many of the facets of the SEL framework and how to gradually make this a part of your teaching. You can also learn from Jorge during his in-person sessions at TCEA 2022 or in the Social-Emotional Learning online package.

You should also check out a multitude of articles showcasing time-saving tips and tricks here on our TechNotes blog. And let us know if you need more ideas; TCEA is here to support you!

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