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Outdoor Summer Activities for Teachers and Students

by Andrew Roush
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Summer is a natural (if you’ll excuse the pun) time to get outdoors, reconnect with nature, get exercise, or, of course, learn more about the natural sciences and STEAM topics. For learners and educators alike, it’s a great time to keep flexing our learning muscles — especially when so many people are ready to once again take part in public and outdoor activities.

That’s why we’ve curated some useful links, tools, and ideas to keep you and your students connected to biology, engineering, natural science, and much more over your summer break.

Get Yourself Outside

Gearing up for camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting, or whatever floats your canoe? Check out this list of available discounts for teachers from outfitters like Columbia, Merrel, Stanley, and more.

State and national parks, forests, grasslands, and other protected areas like historical sites can be a great way for educators to gain new knowledge on history, natural resources, and other topics they can integrate into their teaching. Many such facilities have programs and development opportunities for educators. In Texas, you can check out the resources available from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), the Texas Historical Commission, General Land Office, and the Texas Outdoor Education Association.

On the federal level, educators across the U.S. can access resources to enrich their teaching from the National Park Service, Forest Service, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and more.

Getting Students Outside for Summer Activities

In addition, there are plenty of outdoor and nature-centered activities you can recommend your students explore during their summer break. Consider sharing outdoor activity resources with your students and their guardians, so they can keep learning, and building healthy habits, all year long. 

Here are just a few useful resource lists you can consider drawing from:

More From TechNotes

Check out even more outdoor ideas in the posts below. How will you be spending your summer outside? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

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