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Impact Student Learning Through Technology Advocacy

by Daniel Auchenbach
A desk with a laptop and other supplies shows a teacher is ready to integrate technology in the classroom.

As an advocate for technology usage in the classroom, I strongly believe that it is necessary to prepare students for the ever-increasing technological world. The world is becoming more connected through technology, and schools need to produce critically thinking individuals who can work seamlessly with it. Technology is not a replacement for education. Instead, it should enhance the education students receive and multiply their critical thinking, allowing them to accomplish more than would be possible without it.

Enhancing Lessons Through Technology

Teachers work with a coach to plan a project integrating technology in the classroom.

As a former digital design coach for the Bridge City High School campus, I had many opportunities to work with my fellow educators on enhancing their lessons through technology. I met with teachers and helped them pick what technology resources to use, how to design the lesson to increase student engagement, and how to seamlessly integrate the technology into their unit so that it enhanced the overall subject material and created a fully cohesive lesson instead of just using technology as an afterthought. This task often felt daunting, with success seeming just out of reach. There was a perpetual sense that improvements could always be made. At times, I questioned whether my goals would remain elusive indefinitely.

Celebrating Small Successes

Three teachers celebrate a successful project incorporating technology in the classroom.

However, working with my fellow teachers taught me a valuable lesson about appreciating the journey of learning as much as the destination. This vivid memory of mentorship revolves around a teacher who was not comfortable using technology in her classroom. However, after hearing about the success of a previous teacher I had collaborated with, she approached me with the goal of incorporating digital tools into her lessons. She was hesitant and skeptical but determined to create engaging lessons for her students.

Together, we worked on a Kahoot for a test review. While this might be a simple task for some teachers, it was a major step forward for this particular teacher. Her students responded positively to the incorporation of technology, and the lesson was a success. This experience reminded me that everyone starts at a different level, and as a teacher leader, it is important to tailor your instruction to meet the needs of your audience. It also highlighted the importance of celebrating small successes and recognizing the growth of others, no matter how small or large.

Advocating for Innovative Technology Practices

A student works on a robotics project in class. Technology can be a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled teacher, and creates a significant impact on student learning and success.

In my role as a digital design coach, I not only helped teachers implement technology into their lessons, but I also advocated for its use in the classroom. I believe that technology can be a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled teacher and creates a significant impact on student learning and success. Through my advocacy for technology usage, I inspired other teachers to incorporate digital tools into their lessons, and I saw firsthand how the student’s learning evolved throughout the year. As a result of experiencing heightened engagement and enthusiasm in their learning process, students demonstrated elevated levels of success and accomplishment, indicative of their attainment of higher-order cognitive skills within Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Through my work, I learned the importance of meeting teachers where they are, celebrating small successes, and advocating for innovative teaching practices. I also saw firsthand how technology can enhance students’ education and multiply their critical thinking skills. By advocating for technology usage in the classroom, I was able to influence student learning and success and help prepare them for the ever-evolving technological world. I urge all educators to embrace this journey and celebrate the transformative power of learning.

Have you or someone you know successfully advocated for technology and innovation at the classroom, campus, or district level? Why not write about it! Be a featured guest author for TCEA’s TechNotes Blog and inspire others to advance teaching and learning through technology.

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