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Find Your Tribe: Join a TCEA Special Interest Group

TCEA Social Community

Are you a TCEA member who wishes to tailor your membership experience and become more involved in certain aspects of educational technology? Join one or more of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) listed below and find the TCEA members who share your interests, challenges, and career goals. Membership in TCEA SIGs starts at just $10.

Here’s a little more about each SIG and what they bring to the table.

Campus Technology SIG (CAMP-SIG)

Calling all campus instructional technologists, technology coordinators, district trainers, and tech specialists! CAMP-SIG provides you with networking opportunities, tips and resources, coaching and mentoring methods, and more. They also host annual meetings for members to learn, share, grow, and network together.

Free and Open Resource SIG (FORE-SIG)

Are you a big supporter of the role of free and open source software solutions? If so, you’ve found your people at FORE-SIG. The purpose of  FORE-SIG is to build and activate a community of educators who promote and support opportunities for technological advancement and a broader educational foundation that these solutions bring to PreK-16 education.

Library SIG (LIB-SIG)

Librarians have such an important roll in supporting the growth of well-rounded, digitally literate students. LIB-SIG brings together librarians who want to increase their technology skills and integrate those skills into the learning environment. They also write a monthly blog series right here on TechNotes.

Robotics SIG (ROBO-SIG)

If you live and breathe bots or if you’re just interested in how robotics can benefit student learning, ROBO-SIG is for you. Their mission is to become a network hub for educators involved in robotics, advocate for robotics as a classroom tool to teach and engage students in STEM, assist members in acquiring classroom robotics pedagogy and knowledge base, and prepare sponsors for the challenges of student competition.

Tech-Apps/Computer Science SIG (TA/CS-SIG)

Do you teach computer science or Technology Applications classes K-12? Welcome to your flock. TA/CS-SIG provides a forum to promote and support technology applications, computer science, and information technology educators and curriculum across the state of Texas.

Technology Coordinators SIG (TEC-SIG)

TEC-SIG is proud to be the largest of TCEA’s SIGs. Since 1989, it has provided communication between CTOs, technology directors, instructional technology leaders, and other administrators throughout the state. TEC-SIG furnishes its members with up-to-date information on legislation, happenings within the Texas Education Agency, grants, and more. Members share their own technology-related experiences at two yearly meetings in an effort to educate and inform each other on what is happening in the field of technology and how they can support staff and student use.

Virtual Learning SIG (VL-SIG)

With digital technology, learning doesn’t have to be contained just within classroom walls. VL-SIG supports collaboration and communication among virtual learning coordinators, online course instructors, and online curriculum developers. It also promotes and advocates for virtual learning to support the modern learning environment.

Joining a Special Interest Group

Each SIG will allow you to network with educators in similar roles or with similar interests to share ideas, challenges, and solutions in order to further enhance your knowledge and understanding of these specific areas of technology. TCEA SIGs also have a dedicated set of members who serve as SIG officers and help to plan SIG-specific webinars and networking events year-round, including at the 2019 TCEA Convention and Exposition.

SIG memberships do require you to be a current TCEA member. These groups allow you to access the private SIG area within the TCEA Social Community to better connect with your fellow SIG members.

Don’t delay. Join a TCEA SIG today to network with your peers and help meet the needs of your individual role or focus.

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