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Eight Reasons Why We Love SketchUp Pro (And You Should, Too!)

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
SketchUp Pro

Sure, TCEA offers SketchUp Pro absolutely FREE to all students and teachers in public K-12 schools in Texas. Yes, we offer big discounts on SketchUp Pro for private schools as well. But free and cheap don’t always equal love. Here are our reasons for absolutely loving SketchUp Pro, the amazing 3D drawing and design program you and your students should be using.

1. It’s so easy to learn. If this is your first time with SketchUp Pro, be amazed at how fast you can get started designing in 3D. With tips and hints popping up and guiding you through, you’ll be sure to create something interesting, beautiful, and useful.

2. It’s authentic. SketchUp Pro is used by architects, designers, builders, and more in the “real world.” Give your students an edge by having them use the same software they’ll experience once they are employed.

3. It’s not just about buildings. With the free software, students can draw an accurate picture of the human heart, a new type of engine, or a better wheelbarrow.

4. It offers a full warehouse of starting ideas. Think you can’t design with SketchUp Pro? Why not try the Warehouse, a website that lets you download thousands of user-created designs from ancient monuments to mythological creatures? Add the Mexican army around the Alamo or create a home for the 22nd century along with its family. Place multiple designs in one project to create a spectacular mash-up.

5. It’s free. Let me say again that SketchUp Pro is free to public K-12 schools and deeply discounted for private schools. You can receive one license for every PC or Mac computer you have in your district at no cost. The software normally is $495 per license!

6. It can be aligned to all content areas. We can see clear correlations to the standards for 3D design and animation. But the program can also be used in every other subject area. Interact with a digital environment, create amazing works of self expression, or use simulated models in the classroom. Discover real-world geometry and math as you design complex structures. Create and label the parts of a cell. Draw famous buildings from literature. SketchUp Pro really does provide a wide range of applications for your classroom.

7. It can grow with your students. For students who are already knowledgeable about 3D drawing and design, they can expand the program with the many free extensions available. From animation to productivity to 3D printing tools, there are lots of additional resources to choose from.

8. It comes with assistance. Still a little worried about diving into SketchUp Pro? TCEA provides free online training several times a year, as well as digital resources and tutorials to make you an expert.

What are you waiting for? Get your free SketchUp Pro licenses by completing this simple form.

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Mrs. Mona Gloff January 4, 2016 - 6:31 pm

I wanted to attend this session. Can you send me the link for the recording? I am a premium member. Thanks, mona



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