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Seven Things to Know about Tots and Technology

by Peggy Reimers
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My lucky number is 23, but after researching, reflecting, and ‘riting this blog post about Tots, I am considering changing it to 7.

  • 7 days in a week
  • 7 colors in a rainbow
  • 7 notes on a musical scale
  • Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
  • 7-Eleven has Slurpees
  • Daniel Craig and Sean Connery – it’s a toss up for the best  007 ever!
  • My zip code is 78737 and my house number is 767.

AND 2017 marks 7 years of the TCEA Tots and Technology Summer Conference, an amazing learning experience for PreK-5 educators and leaders.

A table of Makers at Tots and Technology Conference.
Photo by author.

You probably guessed it! This blog is about the seven things about Tots that you should know.

  1. It’s a conference designed just for elementary educators.
  2. There are two locations to choose from: on the beach at Galveston or near the fun in Arlington.
  3. There are three words to sum up the event: fun, sun, and innovation.
  4. For you: this means networking, ideas, tools, and resources for  your classroom.
  5. Five vowels – AMAZING, ENERGIZING, INSPIRING, an abundance of OOH & ahh moments, and you will have the rest of the summer to UNPACK all your knowledge.
  6. Six days of learning: June 11-13 and July 16-18
  7. Seven types of peeps will be rockin’ the conference:
  • PreK-5 Teachers
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • Elementary Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Early Childhood Learning Center Directors
  • Campus Technology Specialists
  • Technology Directors
  • Elementary Librarians

And the grand finale of 7 + 20  words written by Melissa Hughes of Tyler ISD. And I quote,“I think it is great! The only problem I have is that I want to attend everything and thus there is no time for the beach.. lol. ” 

If you need more reasons to attend or a letter of support for your administration, TCEA has you covered. Find the documents here.  The early registration discount ends March 31. Hope to see you at the beach or on a roller coaster this summer.

Featured image designed by TCEA.

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