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Safeguarding Student and School Privacy

by Miguel Guhlin
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Safeguarding student privacy and the security of networks remains a key priority for education leaders. In December, 2016, school leaders came together to match answers to tough questions as they heard from industry experts on ways to protect what is most important to them. In this blog entry, learn how to get access to the powerful presentations and conversations that took place.

How Do I Get the Summit Resources?

You can access the audio, presentation slides, and more of the sessions online now for a nominal fee ($49). You will need to have a TCEA log in.

What Exactly Will I Get?

Presentation slides, pictures, and  audio recordings of the high-level speakers will be yours to explore and reflect on. In addition to Bill Fitzgerald’s (of Common Sense Media) keynote, critical areas addressed include:

  • Understanding DDoS Attacks,
  • Securing Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Security/Privacy Legislative Panel

TCEA’s Commitment

TCEA is committed to creating professional learning and networking opportunities that address the needs of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and Directors/Coordinators of Technology in K-16 education institutions. Be sure to join your colleagues at the Friday, May 12, 2017 event.

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