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Getting Serious with Android (Part 1)

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

I find a lot of great apps in the Google Play store to meet most of my needs. But there are some apps that I would like to find that don’t seem to exist…yet. If that also sounds like you, then why not consider getting more serious about your Android skills and begin developing your own apps? Sure, you could pay someone to create it. But what fun is there in that? Here are some resources that I found to be helpful as I am becoming more serious about Android and considering developing my own apps. Part 1 of this three-part series will focus on blogs and newsletters.



Learn to code by following one of the many coding tutorials spanning 24 different programming languages.  If you are already a coder, you can sign up to be a mentor to new coders that come to the site. And, if you are ever in a bind and need one-on-one help, you can schedule to meet with an expert for a nominal fee. If you want a more in-depth approach, check out the Android Developer Nanodegree by Google in Udacity.

Android Niceties

An unusual blog, this site focuses on the aesthetics of design. Scroll through the screenshots from every kind of app imaginable. Even if you don’t find a similar app, you are sure to find some great designs that may help you tweak how you want your app to look.

Android Developer Blogs

As I’m writing today’s post, I’m also reading one of the Android Developer Blogs’ posts by Francesca Di Felice. Francesca is sharing a case study from a particular app regarding their process for growing their app. While I’m not at this point yet, the posts are very informative and give me a good sense of how to think as a developer.

Google Developers Blog

Posts share technical insights from Google engineers, as well as relevant cross-posts from other development blogs. Since the posts have such a wide array of topics that they address, I suggest clicking on the labels tab (top right on the page) and narrowing down to a more relevant label.


Android Weekly

Stay cutting edge with your Android development by subscribing to this newsletter. Shared resources include libraries and code, news, articles, and tutorials, as well as upcoming events of interest to Android developers. Check out the current issue which is #240.

Android Authority

Plenty of information for developers is shared in the Android Authority newsletters. You’ll find a variety of developer topics addressed, as well as frequent Android deals and occasional giveaways and reviews.


This weekly, hand-picked list of resources comes directly to your inbox making it easy to access when you have some spare time. Besides interesting sections such as asking and answering questions, this newsletter has other sections that you are sure to find informative (code, data, design, learn, books, watching, working, fun, etc.). This week’s current issue is #334.

What would you add?

This only scratches the surface of resources to get you started. Drop a comment below if you have other blogs and/or newsletters that would be great for someone developing Android apps. We’d love to hear from you.

Watch for part 2 in this three-part series which we will focus on relevant forums and YouTube playlists for app developers.


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