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Three Tools for Your Poetry Slam

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
poetry slam

With April being National Poetry Month, it only seems fitting that we consider online tools that can take our words and make them beautiful. What better way than to use those tools to create simple poetry and then share to have a virtual poetry slam! Below are several tools I’ve used that can add some pizazz to text and make it even more powerful when shared. Be sure to check out each one and then follow the instructions at the bottom to participate in our TCEA poetry slam.

  • Quozio – This is my favorite and easiest to use when it comes to making text beautiful. After entering your text and author’s name, click the Go button. You are now able to choose from the different styles/images. When done, just right-click your creation and select Save Image As… Your work is now a graphic on your computer ready to be shared and enjoyed by many.
  • QuotesCover – While this tool is originally intended for quotes, you can still enjoy its features if you have brief poems, limericks, or haikus begging to get out of your head. The three-step process starts by entering your composition (being sure to give yourself credit) in the right-hand panel and then click the Next Step button. Now select the best image format; for our purposes, I’d recommend the option for social media pic updates or E-Cards. Play with the tools to tweak the font, color combinations, add an image background, and apply effects; be careful – you can get lost in decisions here. When done, click the Save as JPG or Save as PNG button below your work.
  • BeFunky Collage Maker – This online powerhouse lets you upload photos to use as a backdrop to your text. Just follow the list of tools identified on the far left (from top to bottom) and you’ll have a work of art in no time. I found this tool to have tons of choices but was still intuitive enough to easily use. When done, just click the Save button above your work. Voila!


If you would like poems to share with your students as inspiration and/or for lessons, consider checking out two posts by WeAreTeachers: 28 Must-Share Poems for Elementary School and 24 Must-Share Poems for Middle School and High School.

Now it’s your turn. Use one of the tools above (or a different one if you’d like) and add your poem to it. It could be a short poem, haiku, or limerick, or just free style. Once you’ve saved your work, tweet it out using the hashtag #TCEApoetryslam.

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