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Moviemaker Is Dead; Long Live Story Remix

by Miguel Guhlin

Windows 10 embraces its movie-making roots, bringing storytelling to life with a new app Windows Story Remix that takes the place of the old favorite Moviemaker. Although not due out until later this year, Windows Story Remix boasts some features that should get educators excited. Let’s do a quick review of three exciting features.

Feature #1: Cloud-Based CreativityStory Remix

The new program has students start online using the mobile device of their choice (Android, iOS, and Windows) and then save their work to the cloud. Images and video from all of those devices gets mixed into their creation. That means that if a student makes a story on an iPad, they will be able to finish it on their Windows 10 device later on.

Feature #2: 3D Virtual Designs and Digital Ink

With Paint 3D, a re-designed Paint program, students can create designs and then import those into Windows Story Remix. They can take objects and pin them to scenes. Those pinned objects can also follow throughout a scene. Students can also import content from Remix 3D, an online warehouse of user-generated 3D designs, and they can take advantage of digital ink to write text directly on their creations, dropping in 3D graphics and adding special effects.


Feature #3: Add a Soundtrack

Adding soundtracks to a video is easy with Windows Story Remix, allowing students to pull royalty-free content from a variety of places:


Watch the Video

To get a grasp of the possibilities of this new software, check out this video. Then start planning how you’ll have your students don their filmmaking hats and tell their own stories!


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