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Minecraft: Education Edition Tutorial Videos

Written by Miguel Guhlin

These short Minecraft: Education Edition tutorials videos will showcase ways to ramp your knowledge as well as your skills.

Are you a Minecraft: Education Edition digital native? If so, do we have a treat for you! Take a look at this new video series focusing on introductory videos to everyday tasks in the popular program. These short videos walk you through some common tasks, such as changing a skin, finding materials in creative mode, using the compass and map, and mastering the teleport command.


The Three Little Pigs

One of my favorite activities involves asking participants to narrate their own Three Little Pigs story using Microsoft Office Mix. One fun activity involves building straw, stick, and brick houses. In this Minecraft video series, you will learn what you need to know to re-create this famous story.

Video Series

  1. Changing a Skin (2:00)
  2. Finding materials in creative mode (2:24)
  3. Compass Map Teleportation (4:08)
  4. Survival and Finding Materials (0:57)
  5. Smelting and Torches (1:05)
  6. Building a Straw House (1:33)
  7. Building a Stick House (2:19)
  8. Building a Brick House (4:59)
  9. Make/Spawn a Wolf and Pig (3:17)

Note: Notice a young voice? I’d like to thank James E. Guhlin (@jguhlin) for his work creating these video tutorials. You can follow his Minecraft video creations here.

These videos are intended for teachers to learn some of the simple things they need to know to get started and offer an easy entry that scaffolds your efforts. Need more support?

Register for Minecraft Professional Learningthreelittlepigs

Several professional learning opportunities are available! Be sure to check the TCEA Minecraft: Education Edition (TCEAMEE) Professional Learning Resources.


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