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Opening the Door to Possibility: Introducing Miguel Guhlin

by Miguel Guhlin

Do you ever feel befuddled by technology, lost and barely afloat in a sea of technology jargon? You’re not alone. I remember the first time I sat in front of a computer and wondered, “Why do I have to?” Later, when my dad bought me an Apple //e computer, my math teacher mother remarked, “He’s terrible in math; he’s not going to be a programmer.”

Amazingly, the technology helped me do things I had previously found impossible. It opened doors that had already shut at 13 years of age, enabling me to master million-dollar spreadsheets in a single-bound, track inventory and projects with databases, and create possibilities for my life where there had been none. In fact, at 13, I had conversations with adult learners via computer bulletin board services (BBSs) that served as islands of insight. They cultivated in me an ardent desire to wrestle with learning and share the benefit with others.opening

My name is Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin), and like some of you, I’ve struggled to blend technology into teaching, learning, and leading. As a bilingual educator, a campus instructional specialist, a district instructional technologist, and a director of technology, I have sought to overcome the technical to achieve the amazing. And I’ve chronicled my journey in published articles, blog entries, and audio recordings (podcasts). In fact, I’ve often imagined that I’m really a storyteller, gathering and spinning tales to entertain and educate my listeners and readers.

Being able to assist others in learning to use technology to amplify their own, as well as students’, voices motivates me. That’s why I’m pleased to join the staff of TCEA, a team of committed individuals who have been blending technology into teaching, learning, and leading for 35 years. I’ll be serving as a director of professional development, one of four former educators on TCEA’s PD team who are dedicated to helping innovate teaching and learning. My walk alongside TCEA began in my late 20s as an educator presenting at a state conference. It was through TCEA’s conference volunteers that I built relationships and friends that have endured a lifetime. If you aren’t a member of TCEA yet, then I definitely encourage to do so. Let’s walk together as we learn how to create amazing learning opportunities for each other, our students, and those whom we hold dear. You can reach me at [email protected].

Swing wide open the door to possibility!

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