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Opening the Door to Possibility: Introducing Miguel Guhlin

by Miguel Guhlin
Miguel Guhlin

I was confused by technology at first. My dad got me an Apple //e. I sat before a computer and thought, “Why should I?” My mom, a math teacher, said, “He’s bad at math. He won’t be a programmer.”

But the computer changed things. At 13, it opened doors I thought were closed. It let me handle complex spreadsheets easily. I used it to manage inventory and projects. It brought new chances into my life. I even talked with adults on computer bulletin boards at that age. These boards were like islands of insight. They sparked a deep desire in me. The desire to learn and share what I learn with others.

My Journey

My name is Miguel Guhlin. Like you, blending technology in teaching and leading was tough for me. I’ve had different roles:

  • Bilingual educator
  • Campus instructional specialist
  • District instructional technologist
  • Director of technology

In each, my goal was to go beyond tech troubles to create something great. I’ve recorded my journey in articles, blogs, and podcasts. I see myself as a storyteller. My job? To collect and share stories that both entertain and teach my audience.

Assisting Others to Learn More

Helping others learn technology drives me. That’s why joining TCEA excites me. TCEA is a team of dedicated people, all experienced in using technology. As the director of professional development, I’m here to help you with technology.

An Invitation

I started with TCEA in my late 20s, presenting at a state conference. At TCEA’s conference, I made lasting friendships and connections. If you’re not yet a TCEA member, I urge you to join.

Let’s learn together. Let’s build great learning experiences for ourselves and our students. Reach me at mguhlin@tcea.org.

Swing wide open the door to possibility!



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