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Libraries for Young Learners (PreK–5)

by Andrew Roush
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It’s important to develop a love of learning in young students. Libraries can help pave the way, giving students places to explore, connect with their passions, learn how to gather and analyze information, conduct research, and more.

But where do you start with the youngest learners? Below, we’ll examine some helpful tips to introduce the youngest learners to the power of libraries.

Making Introductions

Each school year, librarians, teachers, media specialists, and teacher-librarians all endeavor to introduce their students to the bounty of and potential in their own school library. And so, over the years, many librarians and libraries have developed tips, tools, and techniques to help littles navigate the library. Let’s look into some ideas.

Eye-Catching Features

One way to quickly engage first-time library visitors is to include spaces, activities, and learning tools and tech that grab students’ existing interests. 

Today, digital tools are important parts of a functioning library or media center. Common Sense Education, known for vetting digital products for young learners, has a collection of high-quality digital tools that can help you engage PreK–5 learners right from the start.

You can also check out these suggestions for cards, games, activities, and other fun, tactile ways to get comfortable in the library from Finding Dulcinea (who recognizes that reference?).

Looking for great library tips and activities to get you through this semester? Dig into these suggestions for when you’re feeling frazzled from ReaderPants.net.

Classroom Libraries

For elementary educators, a classroom library is a great way to introduce students to the concept of a lending library, making it easy and accessible right in the classroom.

The articles below outline dozens of ideas for organizing and using your classroom library, setting procedures, and introducing students to the joys of independent reading, writing, research, and other vital ELA/R skills.

Going Further

Looking for more ways to engage your learners? Don’t forget to check out TCEA’s online Elementary Technology Conference, the summer’s hottest event just for elementary school educators, including librarians. Check out the details and register yourself or your team here.

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