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Listening to the Voice of Texas Teachers

by Dr. Julie A. Evans

For almost two decades  Project Tomorrow/Speak Up has annually surveyed K-12 students, parents, teachers, and administrators across the country. These online surveys have played a crucial role in capturing the authentic voice of education stakeholders and providing schools and districts with essential information about the needs and aspirations of their key stakeholders. Our yearly Speak Up reports, based on the survey data, regularly inform policies, programs and funding at the district, state, and national level. 

We are grateful for the partnership we have this year with TCEA and for their past support. TCEA has made it possible for Project Tomorrow to reach out to all the dedicated and committed teachers, students, parents, and administrators in Texas and ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear. 

This past year has been a challenging one for everyone. Closed schools led to remote and hybrid learning and then to reopening. Students, parents, and administrators all struggled to manage in this changed environment.  And for our classroom teachers this has been a year like no other testing their skills and endurance. Thank you to all the Texas teachers who demonstrated their spirit and endurance, working tirelessly to meet the needs of their students.     

Listening to the real-life experiences of our classroom teachers is more important than ever. Our teachers were eyewitnesses to the unprecedented events unfolding in their schools and classrooms. Gathering their feedback and insights is critical now and can pave the way for improving the educational experiences of all students.

During Teacher Appreciation Week we are expanding our efforts to reach teachers – and TCEA is playing an important part in this effort. We urge TCEA members to  join us in this call to action for teachers to “Speak Up”.  

Texas Teachers, You Matter

During Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers can directly share their views through a special Speak Up survey for teachers.  Here are ways that Texas teachers can be part of Speak Up’s efforts during Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • SHARE: Share the email and link below with teachers in your district, state, and TCEA membership. Click here to view Sample Email.
  • PROMOTE: All teachers who complete the survey will be eligible to receive prizes and awards for their classrooms. Learn more now! 
  • EARN: You can earn recognition through our District Recognition Badge Program.
  • BENEFIT:  You will receive your survey information, essential information in making key decisions, particularly as it relates to the new stimulus funding.

The Project Tomorrow has additional information.  The good news for all teachers taking the survey – you will be eligible to win prizes and classroom grants.  

Listening to Texas Teachers Matters

Teachers are still taking the survey, but we could not resist peaking at some of the preliminary data.  The early findings are proof of why every K-12 district administrator should be seeking input from their teachers right now.  

To use technology more effectively Texas teachers told us they needed:

  • Classroom set of digital learning devices for every student (64%)
  • Planning time with colleagues (60%)
  • Professional learning about effective use of digital tools (56%)
  • Reliable, high-bandwidth Internet in the classroom (49%)
  • Confidence that students have out-of-school Internet access (54%)

These preliminary findings – and much more – are part of the recently released infographic.  View all of our new infographics released during Teacher Appreciation Week here

Every school district in Texas needs authentic data like this right now to make the best decisions for their community and for spending new federal dollars that are being disbursed.  

Texas Data Matters

Over the years, state education leaders and district administrators have used Speak Up data to validate new initiatives and support new investments.  On a national level, Speak Up data highlights digital learning trends in K-12 education and promotes new discussions about ways to support innovation in schools.  More important than ever, this year’s national Speak Up report provides a glimpse into how the sudden shift to digital learning may lead to sustained educational transformation.  Read more about what the Speak Up data is telling us here.

Call Out

Together we can listen – and act upon teacher voice – and make a difference in the learning experiences of all Texas students.  The Speak Up survey is open until August 15 – urge all Texas teachers to take part in this important effort. Help us get the word out and make sure that the voices of all teachers in Texas are heard! Participate now! 

Make Your Voice Known

You have a voice so use it. Take the survey now!

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