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New Windows 11 Solutions Built for Education

by Microsoft Education Team
Windows 11 SE

Educating minds dramatically changed mid-March 2020 and still challenges our educators today. From grade school to grad school, educators have a unique opportunity to reimagine how they can leverage technology in new and innovative ways. Providing simple and secure technology solutions that work on affordable devices has been top of mind for educators and Microsoft. As a partner in education, we are proud to introduce Windows 11 SE and the Surface Laptop SE.

Microsoft has long supported students and educators with an array of solutions and recently made a big announcement sharing a new edition of Windows 11. This new edition was built to support K-8 classrooms to address our current hybrid learning worlds. Windows 11 SE introduces performance enhancements that optimize low-cost device resources and offers better performance, more choices, and flexibility for students and educators than ever before. More information about Windows 11 SE can be found here.

Microsoft also announced a new ecosystem of Windows 11 SE devices, including the new Surface Laptop SE, our most affordable Surface PC ever. This device has been specifically designed for K-8 students. It joins the line-up of Surface classroom devices like Surface Go 3 and Surface Laptop Go at only $249.99. Additional devices are coming from now into 2022 to ensure our students and educators have even more choices and the right tools. Visit to learn more about Windows 11 SE and Surface Laptop SE.

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