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I Love My Cell Phone!

by Lori Gracey
cell phone

There’s been a little bit of a backlash lately against people being “glued to their cell phones.” People are saying that we spend too much time on them, that we don’t interact with others like we used to. And while part of that may be true, I want to go out on a limb this Valentine’s Day and loudly declare that my cell phone has made me a better person! I LOVE MY CELL PHONE!

cell phoneNot an Addiction

I take my cell phone with me everywhere I go. It’s not an addiction; it’s just a part of me now like my glasses. I use it to get directions to all of the districts that I visit, to read blogs when I have a few minutes to spare, to order groceries for my family, and to check up on what my friends are doing on social media. My cell phone provides music for me to relax by, games to make me laugh, books to take me to new and fabulous locations, and podcasts to learn from.

Not Alone

As an avid Pokemon Go player, I use my cell phone to “catch ’em all” as I play the game with others in my town. We meet up several times a week to go on raids, battle each other, and trade monsters. This has gotten me out of my house to meet new people and gotten me walking around my town, discovering places I didn’t know were there. And that’s all thanks to my cell phone. It also allows me to keep in touch with friends and old school buddies that I haven’t physically seen in years, but know exactly what’s going on in their lives because of messaging and social media sharing. It’s broadened my circle, not reduced it.

Not Vegetating

My cell phone has helped me chart my weight loss, provided me reliable information on more nutritious meal choices, encouraged me to work out and be more active. It’s provided me with new ideas to think about, new sources of information and opinions, and the ability to see what’s really happening in other parts of the world. It’s opened up my mind to other religions, different political beliefs, strange viewpoints, and conversations with people I might never have been able to learn from before. Through it, I’ve laughed at silly cat videos, mourned the loss of amazing individuals, cried at horrific things happening around me. My cell phone has empowered my mind and my thinking, not sent it into a vegetative state.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cell Phonecell phone

So on this day about love and thinking about the people (and things) that bring us joy, I want to admit that I love my cell phone and look forward to a long, happy, and healthy relationship with it.

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jj February 14, 2019 - 11:56 am

Yes Lori! I love my cell phone as well. Not an addiction just my left brain….


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