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Getting Serious with Android (Part 3)

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

In the final post of this three-part series on Android development, we’ll share resourceful podcasts and active Google+ communities to help you in your development journey. If you missed the previous installments, you can check out Part 1 to find great blogs and newsletters for developers and Part 2 for helpful forums and YouTube playlists.


All About Android

Produced by TWiT (This Week in Tech), this broadcast is chock-full of information about all things Android. Whether you subscribe to the video or audio broadcast, you’ll find the time well spent. You may also find This Week in Google a great resource of information as well. With either one, you are sure to enjoy Leo Laporte’s information-rich shows.


A different spin from the usual, CodeNewbie is a platform for people to share their coding journey to help you on yours. Each Monday, a new episode is posted. You’ll hear interesting (and inspirational) stories from folks who were previously truck drivers, accountants, comedians, and more.


This podcast is definitely for the more experienced developer. Whether they are interviewing an expert from the industry or discussing a specific technique among themselves, you’ll find the topics of value. And you’ll find Kaushik’s voice easy to listen to if you are binge-listening to podcasts.

Android Developers Backstage

Hosts Chet and Tor share a wide variety of information helpful to developers. Again, not for the faint-hearted, this podcast team isn’t so much for the newbie as it is for the experienced.

Google+ Communities

Developer Tools

This is the official community for the developer tools of the SDK: Android Studio and the ADT Eclipse plugin, as well as the emulator and command line tools.

Android Developers

With almost 40,000 members, this is definitely a group you’ll want to join as they share resources, tips, and tricks.

Android Authority

This community frequently posts and is trusted for relevant news, phone and tablet reviews, how-to’s, and other news related to Android.

Android Programming

With a little more than 2,300 members, this community shares topics related to programming, Java, C, and basics.

What would you add?

If you have any other excellent podcasts or Google+ communities that you’d recommend, please share them in the comments section below. And if you have any other resources for budding developers, we’d be happy to have you share those as well.


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