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Fall Activities for the Classroom

by Sara Qualls

Orange you excited for fall? If you’re not, I hope these activities will spark some ideas and fun for your classroom. And if you’ve got little ones or furry friends and will be out trick or treating this year, be sure to check out A Great Trick-Or-Treating App to learn how to plan ahead and make the most of all the candy loot in your neighborhood.

Seven Spooktacular Activities for the Elementary Classroom. Fill your elementary classroom with tons of fun! These ideas range from dress-up days and an adjective challenge to activities your students can try at home.

Halloween Adjective Challenge from the “Seven Spooktacular Activities” TechNotes Article

Free Halloween Posters and a Spooky STEM Lesson. Here you’ll find a smorgasbord of free Halloween-themed posters for you. Plus, they’ve also included a spider activity to bring STEM to your classroom.

The Dump Truck Incident: An Elementary Problem-Solving Challenge. This popular challenge is also known as the Pumpkin Push. It’s a great way to get your students excited and thinking about engineering concepts in a new way.

Halloween Scratch Lesson. Are you teaching your students how to code with Scratch? This is a wonderful project for creating their own game. CreateCodeLoad has done a great job of breaking down each step.

Via CreateCodeLoad

Spooky Breakouts and Games. Our own Peggy Reimers gives you the lowdown on breakouts, challenges, trivia, and more games that are sure to make your October spooktacular.

Transform Your Classroom Into a Fall Festival with These Five ESL Activities. You can find exciting activities that will range from beginners to advanced students for those learning English. Create a hands-on experience with the tastes of autumn, creating leaf beings, and more.

Build a Jack-O-Lantern with Google Slides. This classic activity from Eric Curts is a great one for letting students be creative while working on their writing and tech skills.

Halloween Writing Prompts. Get your students excited about writing with a plethora of writing prompts for the Halloween season.

Via Fun Games 4 Learning

Halloween Speech Therapy Activity: Mad Libs! This activity targets various parts of speech. Your students will be smiling at the end as they read their silly story.

Fall in ELA: 20 Ideas for Reading and Writing in Autumn. If you are at a loss for what to have your students write about next, check out this post that has a plethora of prompts and supporting activities that are sure to get everyone excited about the season.

Four Fun and Easy Halloween Activities for Middle School ELA. These engaging activities are geared toward middle school students. You’ll find a read-aloud, scary sentence starters, and more.

October is a great time to get into the fall spirit or for all things Halloween. I hope you find one of these activities thrilling for your classroom.

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