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Collaborative Learning at the TEC-SIG Spring Meeting

by Joe Vasquez
collaborative learning

Are you an education technology leader who is often pulled in hundreds of directions as you deal with all the different school technologies and applications? Whether you’re launching a new security system, writing a technology plan that work cohesively with curriculum, or setting up new processes for the latest technology devices for staff and students, the TEC-SIG Spring Meeting has something for you. It offers collaborative learning at its best.

What Is TEC-SIG?

TEC-SIG is a Special Interest Group in TCEA dedicated to the critical work being done by CTOs, technology directors, and technology coordinators in schools. Focused on top-level leadership problems and solutions, the group offers a safe, informed place for those involved in making decisions about technology use to discuss new trends, best practices, and technology management. TEC-SIG has three face-to-face meetings a year and also provides an active listserv where tech leaders share ideas and collaborate to solve problems.

collaborative learning

The Spring Meeting

Join us on April 19-20 at the TCEA Headquarters in Austin, TX, for a conference designed specifically to support educational technology leadership, integration, and best practices while encouraging networking with other dedicated professionals. The sessions will focus on CTO topics, professional development, infrastructure planning, instruction, and more. Here are just a few of the sessions being offered:

  • Adventures in a Small Texas School 1:1 Program
  • Making Google Work for You – A Successful Online Testing Experience
  • Security (Cameras, Door Locks, and Gates) Best Practices
  • Strategic Innovation: Planning for Their Futures
  • Take Digital Learning Journeys to the Next Dimension! Creating Virtual Reality Experiences

For a full conference schedule, click here.

Register Today for Collaborative Learning!

Connect with other passionate and like-minded educators that can assist you with your technology initiatives, help answer important questions, share their expertise, and just chat about what’s happening in their lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn in an interactive environment, explore new technology trends, and expand your network while engaging in discussion at the TEC-SIG Spring Meeting.

Registration is now open, so make your plans to attend today!


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