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Ed Tech Day at the Capitol Is March 5th!

by Jennifer Bergland
Ed Tech Day at the Capitol

TCEA’s Ed Tech Day at the Capitol is one of my favorite days of the year. This is when excited educators come to the Texas Capitol to educate their legislators on the need for technology in their schools and districts. We are hosting our members at the Capitol on March 5, 2019 and you won’t want to miss it!

Being around educators who are passionate about their craft is one of the reasons this day is so special to me. I spent thirty-two years helping educate students, and the one thing I miss the most since coming to TCEA, is being around educators on a daily basis. I get a chance to do this from time to time when I go out to districts to train on the use of technology, but having them join me at one of my favorite places, the Texas Capitol, is the best!  

First Timers Welcome

For many, this is their first time to come to the Capitol to meet with their legislator, so naturally there is some apprehension that needs to be overcome. We do this by making sure the participants are fully prepared to meet with their legislators.


The day begins with a two-hour briefing on some of the issues we want discussed in the scheduled meetings. I also want to make sure the participants feel confident with the ins and outs on how to conduct these types of meetings. We do this by having a group of staff members from legislator’s offices discuss what to expect and how to navigate this type of meeting. I promise that, by the end of the two-hour training, everyone will be prepared to advocate for the things they are passionate about! Most people who attend the Ed Tech Day at the Capitol have so much fun in their two scheduled meetings, they ask if I can send them to more offices!

Senate and House Chambers


In addition to meeting with legislators and/or their staff members, the attendees will also get a chance to visit the House and Senate Chamber. One or both will celebrate TCEA’s presence at the Capitol by voting on and reading a proclamation in the participant’s honor. This provides great memories and also some fabulous photos for social media posts.

Event Details

We have arranged for a special price at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown for March 4th. The cost of the hotel room includes the breakfast and a shuttle to and from the Capitol. The cost for the event is only $20 for members of TCEA. The cost for  TEC-SIG members is only $10.00 because TEC-SIG is helping sponsor the event and is picking up half of the cost for their members. The cost for those who are not members of TCEA is $69. This includes lunch and a complimentary membership to TCEA.


You can register for the event here. See you in March!


Photos taken by Spencer Selvidge.

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