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Digital Citizenship Week Resource Roundup

by Emily Horn

For the past ten years, Digital Citizenship Week, started by Common Sense Media, has taken place the third week in October. This year, it falls on October 17-21. In honor of this ever-so-important topic, I’ve compiled a resource roundup! While Digital Citizenship Week is great, we can incorporate and highlight tenets of digital citizenship throughout the year. Hopefully, these resources will provide you with activities, lessons, and templates you can use all year long.

1. Resources for Creating a Digital Citizenship Program

Resources for building a digital citizenship program

Do you want to incorporate more digital citizenship into your curriculum? Check out this article by Jenna Conan Simpson. She offers tips for integrating it into your program and links to free curricula, paid curricula, and tons of free resources.

2. Student Online Life: Targeted Digital Citizenship Education

Librarian Nancy Jo Lambert discusses how librarians lead the way in supporting other educators to ensure students are becoming responsible digital citizens. She offers tips for leading information literacy, modeling good behavior, and includes a Goose Chase, Google site, Google folder, and quiz for teaching digital citizenship.

3. Five Free, Ready-to-Use Resources for PK-12 Lessons

5 digital citizenship resources for PK-12

In this article, written by yours truly, I highlight a curricular framework for PK-12, resources from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, Common Sense Education, The Social Institute, and Nearpod. There are also a few additional resources shared for lessons, teacher education, internet safety, and more.

4. Google-ize Your Digital Citizenship

In a great post by Diana Benner, she shares Google projects using Google Drawings and Forms. All you have to do is click the link to snag the templates. She also links to some resources by Google for online safety, digital citizenship, and digital literacy.

5. A Digital Citizenship Framework and Lessons

digital citizenship framework

Lori Gracey, TCEA’s Executive Director, outlines why this is one of the most critical skills to have today and why it’s up to educators to ensure their students have mastered it. Lori starts with a framework and then moves into lesson ideas and resources from multiple sites and organizations.

6. Empowering Students Through Digital Citizenship and Social-Emotional Learning

Today’s students need access to social-emotional learning to help them become empathetic digital citizens in a tumultuous digital world. In this article, Dina Perez discusses developing digital citizens, technology-based solutions, providing voice and choice, and social-emotional learning.

7. Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week

digital footprint activities

Diana Benner shares a slew of activities! In this article, you’ll find templates for teaching students about their digital footprints and a Three Kind Things Ghost Activity. She also shares an example Flip activity you can replicate. At the end of the post, she offers you additional resources and websites to explore.

I hope you find some activities, lessons, and templates that will work great for Digitial Citizenship Week and beyond in your classroom and school. Have any others you’d add to the list? Leave us a comment!

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