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Great New Creativity Tool

by Lori Gracey

I’m always on the lookout for a new tool to use in the classroom. And I’m thrilled to get to share this one with you today. It’s called CoSpaces and is a completely free online platform that lets you build your own 3D spaces and even experience them in virtual reality. It’s one of the simplest VR creation tools that I’ve seen and it works on any device with a browser.

Creating with CoSpaces

Once you create a free account (with either Facebook or your email), you are ready to begin. No need to download and install software. You’re given a blank stage to fill. Choose from a library of objects and characters to fill the stage and then edit them to create your very own fantasy worlds. Drag and drop the images around the stage to place them exactly where you want them. You can also search for and use images you find online, like photos of your family, and add background sounds, such as music, to make the scene come alive. Once your creation is complete, you are able to share your world via a link.

There are lots of tutorials on how to build in CoSpaces available on YouTube here. There is also a gallery filled with creations from other builders that can give you additional ideas.

Experiencing What You’ve Created

While it is easiest to create the virtual world on a computer, you can access what has been created using any device. There is a free app for both Android and iOS. And CoSpaces works in virtual reality with any smartphone, the free CoSpaces app, and a VR headset. A list of recommended headsets is provided.

Classroom Uses


CoSpaces DNA Model

I can see a ton of uses for this amazing product. Younger students can use it to build and explore their communities. Students can tell stories in 3D or illustrate what they’ve learned on a particular topic in science or math. Create a virtual exhibit about a particular period in history, an artist, or an element. Build 3D models of the human heart, the Eiffel Tower, or an ecosystem. Visually interpret a poem that they’ve read or a song that they listen to. Design an infographic depicting important data that they’ve gathered and analyzed. Create a VR greeting card. Or just see where their creativity takes them.


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