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We’re Better When We’re Connected

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
connected educator

Long gone are the days when an educator could shut the door to his classroom and work in isolation. In today’s rapidly-changing world, the only way to grow and become better at our craft is to learn with and from other educators. To help meet that need, October has been designated as Connected Educator Month.

Started by the Department of Education in partnership with many organizations, communities, and companies back in 2012, this month is a time to focus on developing connections with other educators and educational organizations and experts. In order to help facilitate building those connections, below are a few of the ones I enjoy learning from as they share on a wide variety of educational topics. Besides considering connecting with these leaders, give us a shout out to let us know who you are in the comments – your name, where folks can find you (Twitter handle, blog site, etc.), and what you are passionate about! Let’s use this month to expand our network of resources so that we can all better support students’ innovative and effective use of technology in education.

Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)

Steven shares relevant and frank information about education and technology integration. You will find he consistently offers a wealth of resources that you will want to check out. And, in a world where mediocrity can be the norm, you will be motivated by his daily reminder to “Be Awesome!”

Eric Curts (@ericcurts)

If you use any of Google’s tools in your classroom, you will definitely want to connect with Eric. He shares tons of resources and relevant ideas that you can make use of with your students and pass along to your peers. Besides enjoying his tweets, be sure to check out his blog Control Alt Achieve.

Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy)

Jennifer’s Twitter bio includes the statement “I help teachers crush it in the classroom,” an understatement for sure. She provides great ideas and resources for teachers including (but not limited to) educational technology. You can also enjoy her blog, podcasts, videos, and more.

Ginger Lewman (@GingerLewman)

Her Twitter bio includes, “As a teacher, I’m a resource, not THE source” which aptly describes who she is. You’ll benefit from connecting with Ginger as you’ll get great resources and ideas related to teaching gifted and talented students, Google tools, technology integration, and more.

Sheryl NussbaumBeach (@snbeach)

Sheryl shares insights and ideas that further great education. Expect to get fresh information, whether it’s related to project-based learning, maker education, or any one of many other ed tech topics. You may also enjoy reading her blog at Powerful Learning Practice.

Matt Richardson (@MattRichardson)

It is an understatement to call Matt a Raspberry Pi evangelist. As the executive director of the Raspberry Pi Foundation North America, Matt enjoys sharing his knowledge and connecting other Raspberry Pi users as they create innovative, interesting, and sometimes odd inventions that make coding and learning fun and meaningful. Be sure to also check out the free educational resources for teaching, learning, and making with Raspberry Pi.

John Wink (@JohnWink90)

If you are looking for someone who is a true advocate for teachers, then this is your man. Whether he is sharing a quote, idea, or opportunity, you’ll find John is one who helps keep the main thing the main thing. Superintendent, author, and leader, he provides a wealth of expertise to take advantage of. You may also enjoy his blog at LeadLearning with John Wink.

I hope you enjoy exploring some of the educational leaders that I follow. As mentioned earlier, I’d like to hear from you as to who you are and some of the giants whose shoulders you stand on. Post your info in the comments below and help make Connected Educator Month even better! And, for more ways to connect with other educators and tech enthusiasts, check out TCEA’s list of upcoming events!


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