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Enhance Your Skills with Chromebook Bingo

by Diana Benner

This past February, I offered a workshop at the TCEA 2018 Convention on how to enhance your Chromebook skills. The first part of the workshop focused on getting to know your Chromebook. To make things more exciting, I decided to gamify this part of the session by allowing the participants to play bingo because who doesn’t like the thrill of finding the last item on their bingo card, jumping out their chairs, and shouting “Bingo!”

Chromebook Bingo Steps

The steps of the bingo game were as follows:

Step 1: Each participant accessed a copy of the digital bingo card. They could work alone or in groups. They were to complete each task on the card until a bingo was made.

Step 2: After the first bingo, they continued to play until someone made a blackout.

Step 3: After the blackout, they came up with another skill not already on their card and asked someone in their group or their neighbor if they could demonstrate the skill they came up with.


Create Your Own Bingo Card

Bingo is an incredibly fun game to play and can be used to learn anything from vocabulary to math to even learning more about your Chromebook. And best of all, you can create your own, customized Bingo cards in only a short amount of time.

I used Google Drawings to create the Chromebook Skills Bingo Card. Get your own copy here and see if you can make a blackout. You can even customize the card to gamify your next lesson. What you put on the card is, of course, only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to give the winner a prize, a small treat, a trophy, a “No Homework” pass … or you can even give out a badge.

Chromebook Certification

In addition to offering face-to-face Chromebook workshops, we also offer a self-paced online Chromebook Certification program. The purpose of the program is to help classroom teachers build foundational skills in using the Chromebook as an effective instructional tool with their students. Educators completing Chromebook Certification will have the knowledge and understanding to effectively integrate the Chromebook and G Suite for Education into their content and use it for a variety of engaging and meaningful instructional activities. Learn more about the program here.


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