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Checklist: Learning with Technology

by Miguel Guhlin

When schools take a look at campus educational technology efforts and how the technology is being leveraged for learning, they need to keep a few points in mind. This checklist focuses on three key areas you can use to do that. Let’s take a quick look at each area.


Key Area #1: Impacting Growth

When discussing growth, it’s almost always student growth you need to consider. That is, are students able to show growth from beginning of the year to the middle and end of the year? How about from year to year? When adapting technology for use in the classroom, you need strategies that work. You can use this free app to get some insights and access digital tools. All strategies have an effect size. What you are looking for is the pairing of one digital tool that amplifies the positive effect.

Another key checklist component is ensuring that you have a well-established coaching program. Kickstart your coaching program with this easy to use multimedia text set.


Get a copy of this multimedia text set

Key Area #2: Supporting Technology

You’re not alone if you find yourself wondering, “How long will it take to get technical support?” This particular area of the checklist focuses on technical support and response time. What’s more, it addresses two sore points with end users.

The first is being able to check the status of an help request (a.k.a. trouble ticket). In one small urban school district, the help desk lead “improved” his numbers by assigning active tickets to an inactive technician account. This made them “disappear” or appear as closed in the help desk system. Ensuring that end users can check the status of their help requests can stop fraud like that.


The second sore point? Safeguarding sensitive data. It’s important that the district or campus have a process in place for protecting data. What’s more, it’s critical that all staff be a part of that process.

Key Area #3: Planning for Anytime, Anywhere Access

checklistWondering how to provide anytime, anywhere access for students and staff? It’s been a big issue for both small and large schools and districts. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to establish clear standards for all locations. In this way, you can ensure everyone has the connectivity they must have at the point of need.

Go Even Deeper: Become a Data Guardian

You can find the best ways to secure your data and device(s), as well as what you put in the cloud, plus even more, with TCEA’s affordable, self-paced Data Guardian course. Learn more here.

Learning with Technology Checklist

Here’s the learning with technology checklist which can be used to help you gauge how you are leveraging technology. The goal is ensure a positive impact on teaching, learning, and leading at your campus. Although the checklist has evolved since its creation, you can find the original in this Google Doc.

Get the PDF version for printing (Updated: 9/2/2021)

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