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Back to School: A Reason to Celebrate Each Day

by Peggy Reimers

So we all know the “biggies” of the fall holidays. Each month has something to celebrate: Labor Day in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa to round out December. But as we enter the new school year, why not find a reason to celebrate each day? Just in case you want to throw a few mini-surprise celebrations with your students, I have a couple of great resources for you.

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National Today Website

The National Today website is the place to go. This is the ultimate resource for 1,783 fun, unusual, and unique national days, international days, and holidays. The website has several ways to find out what is happening every day of the year, and it even provides ideas for ways to observe. You can visit the site and look for reasons to celebrate by trend, date, topic, or month. The website provides a ton of information for each national and international special day, such as:

  • History
  • Timeline
  • FAQ’s
  • Importance
  • Ideas for Activities
  • Traditions
  • Stats

National Day Calendar

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National Day Calendar is another resource for celebration. It tracks 1,500 national days, national weeks, and national months. (Keep in mind that this website has plenty of advertisements on it, so it is a teacher resource and not geared toward student use.) In my opinion, the best part of the National Day Calendar website is the ability to sign up for the daily calendar notifications that are delivered right to your inbox. I must say that, every morning, it is a delight to find out what fabulous things are getting celebrated daily. 

As a bonus to educators, the National Day Calendar research team has organized monthly observances for teachers in what they call the Classroom. They have designed projects, lessons, and puzzles centered around most national days. They continue adding and growing their content all the time, and if you are a foodie, the recipe section just might be the cherry on the top. 

I dare you to celebrate the out-of-the-box, extraordinary, and unique days of 2021-22. By the way, Dare Day is June 1. Start your planning now– I double dare you.

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