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Engage Your Students with Baamboozle

by Diana Benner

Baamboozle is a web-based tool for creating fun and engaging games. As we all know, games serve an essential purpose in classrooms. They promote the idea that learning is fun, and they enable teachers to reinforce concepts and involve all student in the learning process. Are you ready to Baamboozle your students?

Benefits of Baamboozle

The great thing about Baamboozle is that there are so many benefits to using it in the classroom. Look at a few below:

  • Questions are never in the same order and are pulled from a bank of questions that you create. Therefore, no two games are alike.
  • The games can be customized to meet your student’s needs. For example, you can set a timer. Time limits help keep students focused on the task at hand. Be sure to check out these online timers. You can also allow your students a chance to pass on certain questions.
  • Students can create team names, which promotes team building. You can then edit the game you create to include the team names.
  • The game can be easily projected on a screen in your room which means that your students do not have to have a device to play the game.
  • Students do not need accounts or codes to play the game.
  • The games are easy to create. Furthermore, there are thousands of games already created by other teachers that are available to play whenever you want. Visit the built-in library of games and play one to try it out.

Creating a Game

To create a game, you will need to sign up for a Baamboozle account at https://www.baamboozle.com/. Once you have created an account, follow the steps below to build your first game:

  1. Click on the My Games tab.
  2. Select New Game and add the details. Make note that you cannot hide your game with the free version.  
  3. Click Make Game.
  4. Add your questions, answers, and point values. Multiple choice questions are not available on the free versions.
  5. Click Close once you are done adding all your questions.

Playing a Game

To play a game, select the game you want to want to play. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Play.
  2. Customize your play options by selecting how many teams you have.
  3. Next, select the game mode you want. You can choose Quiz, Classic, or Classic Jr.
  4. Students will take turns choosing questions. They will say the answer and then you select the Check button to check the answer.
  5. If the answer is correct, click OK. If the answer is not correct, click Oops.

Another great feature is the ability to view any game in Study Mode. Use Study Mode to view each question as a flashcard. Share the link to any game with your students so they can review concepts.

Free Basic Plan

The basic plan is free to use. Who doesn’t like free? I know I do. Here is what you get with the free version:

  • Create your own games
  • Make one folder
  • Upload 1 MB images
  • Play with four teams
  • Add up to 24 questions per game

Baamboozle+ offers more features for $59.88/year, which is not a bad price.

Give Baamboozle a try. Create a quick lesson review or create a vocabulary building game. Your students will be engaged.

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Berlinda July 26, 2021 - 9:37 am

my students to have fun learning so many new thing


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