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How Can AI Support Student Learning?

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

How can artificial intelligence support student learning? Let’s explore the potential of AI systems to generate smart content on-the-fly, create powerful visuals to display information, and generate lesson plans. In addition, we’ll address privacy concerns. Read on to learn more about how AI systems are transforming education, and remember: the future is now. Artificial intelligence will help teachers, students, and parents become more informed and engaged with the material they are taught.

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Create smart content on-the-fly with AI.

Using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, AI systems are now able to customize content based on individual user groups. For example, a system can show different content for returning users compared to new ones. All marketers know that personalized content performs better than generic content. For example, a personalized email message has a 26% higher open rate and 88% lower engagement rate than a generic one. Check out Bernard Marr’s blog post How Is AI Used In Education — Real World Examples Of Today And A Peek Into The Future regarding how AI may impact higher education.

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AI can create powerful visuals to display information.

Currently, external visual representations can be used to teach students about scientific concepts. Examples include diagrams, photographs, illustrations, flow charts, and graphs. They are also used to help students make inferences and spot trends in graphs and data sets. Students can also use visualizations to understand architectural sketches and traffic flow in real-world settings. And if you’re wondering if AI can help in learning, consider this: The next time you want your students to visualize complex information, consider using artificial intelligence to make it more engaging. Be sure to try out Nite Cafe Studio, one of my favorite AI art generators. See what you– I mean it– can create. You might be very impressed.

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Generate lesson plans with AI.

As a teacher, you may have been wondering how AI can generate lesson plans for your students. There are a variety of benefits of AI-centric lesson plans. These plans are not only appealing to STEM-oriented students. They can appeal to students of all ages and backgrounds. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence in education. While you do have to be rather techy right now to have AI generate lesson plans, Dan McCreary shares how to do it. If you aren’t techy, then find a friend who can run with Dan’s ideas and make it work for you.

More Resources

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Be sure to follow TCEA for more resources regarding how AI can support teaching and learning. Besides blogs, webinars, and workshop sessions on AI, we are in the process of writing an online course to help teachers learn more about AI so they can implement it in their classrooms with confidence.

Do you have a resource you found helpful for learning about artificial intelligence? Drop us a comment and let others know about the website, video, or resource so they can also learn from it.

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