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Gearing Up for the 2019 TCEA Convention with Learning.com

by Guest Blogger

We’re excited that Learning.com will be in San Antonio in February for the annual TCEA Convention & Exposition. For the 2019 Convention, we’ll be at Booth #937 and welcome you to share your experiences and learn how Learning.com helps you and your students meet TA-TEKS standards, prepare for online assessments, and excel in a digital world. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.


Do your students lack proficient keyboarding skills? Prepare them for success with Adaptive Keyboarding, a TA-TEKS standards-aligned, gamified curriculum that includes direct instruction, guided practice, application exercises, and quizzes. Students master proper touch-typing techniques and effectively use word processing tools in real-world situations. Students and educators monitor their progress through instantaneous results and dashboards and show success by obtaining mastery badges and levels.

Coding and Computational Thinking

Want to prepare your students for opportunities in computer science and coding, but not sure where to begin?  Introduce them to coding concepts with EasyTech’s computational thinking lessons which help them develop a foundation in cognitive skills and problem-solving processes. Students apply their computational thinking skills with real programming languages in EasyTech’s coding curriculum to solve challenges and work towards building their own apps and games. Because our lessons contain detailed teacher resources, lesson plans, and solution sets, getting your students to code has never been easier—even for teachers with no prior coding experience.

Online Safety and Digital Citizenship

Equip students with the skills they need to stay safe online, determine what information is credible on the internet, and make informed decisions. EasyTech’s positive, research-based approach to online safety and digital citizenship helps educators take on tough issues such as cyberbullying and encourages students to be aware and safe online. It can also be used to document compliance with federal e-Rate requirements.

Technology Applications

Can your students communicate, collaborate and create effectively with word processors, spreadsheets, and presentations? EasyTech provides students with understanding and practice with these vital digital tools and more. These technology applications are presented in a generic software environment to help students transfer their knowledge and skills to a variety of business applications they may encounter to in high school, college, and the workforce.

Standards-Aligned Digital Literacy Assessments

How do you know your students are truly digitally literate? Our Digital Literacy Assessment can tell you the answer. These assessments help districts gain practical insight into how well fifth- and eighth-grade students comprehend digital literacy concepts and apply digital skills. Digital Literacy Assessment been awarded the ISTE “Seal of Alignment” and provides the real-time data and easy-to-interpret dashboards needed to make informed decisions and ensure students are prepared for success.


Want to make it easy to teach and learn digital literacy? Deliver EasyTech digital literacy curriculum directly in Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, or most other learning management systems.  Students and teachers not only access and consume EasyTech curriculum in your school’s own learning management system; they also monitor progress and check grades as well, saving time and frustration associated with learning new platforms or managing multiple logins to multiple learning platforms.

This is a sponsored blog written by Jeff Meyer and provided by Learning.com.

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