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Twitter Takeaways: Five Google Tips

by Miguel Guhlin
Twitter takeaways

Jump onto Twitter and you can learn something new. While hashtags make finding relevant content easier, not everyone uses them. Here are my Twitter takeaways focused on Google tips and tricks. From Google Translation in your spreadsheet to email filters to the day the dinosaur died and Google Forms, there’s a lot to explore.

#1 – Google Translate Equation in Sheets

Who knew you could drop a list of words in and then have Sheets translate them into a wide variety of languages? Brad Dale did.


#2 – Make Sense of Your Email with Gmail Filters

One of the first lessons I share with those new to email management (Everyone has email, but only a few manage it well.) is how to filter out the unnecessary. What’s unnecessary? A thousand and one emails that add clutter to your digital inbox. Cut clutter with well-formed filters. One way to accomplish that is to right-click on emails you get a lot (e.g. Starbucks, Macys, superintendent) and then select MORE->Filter Messages Like These:

twitter tuesday

Alice Keeler recommends a similar approach using Gmail filters in this tweet:

You can read about more ways to manage your email in this blog.

#3 – Bio Interactive with Google Earth

Curious about the day the dinosaurs died? Then you will want to check out biointeractives. These rely on Google Earth to provide a guided tour around the globe featuring videos, text, and interactive images. Find more bio interactives via the hhmi website, which offers hundreds of free science resources.

#4 – Intelligent Response Validation for Google Forms

Looking for an overview of a few new Google Forms features? Look no further than David Geurin’s tweet. Follow the link to see more information on intelligent response validation, setting defaults for Form preferences, checkbox grid questions, and section re-ordering.

#5 – Create Google Slides Templates

Create templates that save time, are customizable, and make the look and feel of your Slides consistent. One way to accomplish that involves creating Google Slides templates.  @UsingTechBetter provides some suggestions on how to better accomplish that. Knowing how to do this can come in handy when creating hyperdocs. You can find some of our great templates here and here, along with these for students here.

What Are YOUR Twitter Take-Aways?

Now that you have had a chance to see how I have “mined” my Twitter stream, what are your Twitter takeaways? Share them in the comments or your own blog, then post a link to this blog entry and tweet it. Invite a few other folks to share their takeaways and link back to this blog entry. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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