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Must-Have Tech Gifts for Android Users

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

Whether you are an Android lover or just an Android user, you will find this list of gift ideas will make you green with envy. So before you spend a lot of time driving around everywhere or searching all over the Internet for great ideas, scan these ideas to find ones that be perfect for that Android person in your life this holiday season!

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display is a great tool to make your home, office, or other room smart. Enjoy the built-in Google Assistant to enjoy your favorite music, control other smart devices you are connected to, and run routines that you have created. You can even use Google Duo to make voice and video calls to your other favorite Android friends. You can get this smart display in an 8-inch model or 10-inch model. I have the 8-inch model and find that it is great – not too big for the bedroom side table.

 Google Home Hub

If you want to spend less than the Lenovo Smart Display, consider getting a Google Home Hub. Smaller in size but still powerful, you will find that the Google Home Hub fits nicely in any room with its 7-inch display. I purchased one the other week to go in my kitchen and it’s been great. I have used it multiple times to pull up recipes and listen to music while in the kitchen.  When I’m not using it, I set it to display favorite photos I have in my Google Photos folder…and since I shared the folder with my son, he can add his favorite photos and enjoy them in the mix while he is in the kitchen or just walking through.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini goes in any room to bring convenience and connection. Ask it questions, run routines that you create, play games, and more with Google Assistant. You will enjoy this small device so much that you will find that you may need more than one. I actually have five in my house. I purchased the first one myself, and received a free one when I purchased the Lenovo Smart Display and a second free one when I purchased the Google Home Hub…then I lost track what I got the others with. If you are watching holiday sales carefully, you are sure to find items that come with a free Google Home Mini.

Smart Outlets

Even if Santa is not able to bring a smart display, then maybe you will get a smart outlet in your stocking. Smart outlets connect to your WiFi and allow you to control them through an app, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. I found a pair online on sale the week before Thanksgiving for about $15, making them very reasonable. When not on sale, you may expect to pay twice that price or more for more functionality. These are great if you want to  use with a lamp or other appliance where you can turn it on and off just by starting with, “Hey, Google….” Postscapes has compiled a list of recommended smart outlets to consider.

The Frame Smart TV

If you have some extra money hidden away that is burning a hole in your pocket, then consider going all out for the Samsung UN43LS03NAFXZA Flat 43” LED 4K UHD The Frame Smart TV 2018. When not using it as a crisp, beautiful TV, it can display favorite artwork. For friends who aren’t familiar with the Frame Smart TV (yet), they will think you just have high-end digital artwork on display. It has a sensor that detects when you walk into the room, at which time it will display your favorites. It will set you back about $1,300, so make sure are prepared if you decide to get one.

Connecting Your Devices

One of the powerful features of these devices (excluding the Frame Smart TV) is that you can connect them together in the Google Home app to play your favorite music on a particular designated set. I have done this so no matter where I am in the house, I have my favorite playlist, podcast, or other audio playing so I can hear. Creating routines will also help you feel like you are a tech genius even though it is very simple (but you don’t have to tell anyone that last part). For example, on my Lenovo Smart Display I created a routine so that when I say, “Hey, Google, it is time to go to bed,” my bedtime routine begins playing. That includes telling me the weather for tomorrow, asking what time I want the alarm to be set for (and then it sets it), turning off the bedroom lamp, adjusting the Nest thermostat, dropping the volume to 10%, and beginning to play a favorite playlist I have specified.

Lots of stores will be competing for your dollars during the holidays, so watch for special discounts that may reward you with some extra tech for you or another Android-loving friend. You may be surprised how much you love it…so much so that your friends will be green with envy.

Share with us in the comments what other devices, gadgets, and “stuff” make for great gifts for Android users. We’d love to hear!

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