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Forms + Classroom = A Teacher’s Best Friend

by Jennifer Bergland
Google Forms classroom

As teachers gear up for a new school year many will turn to Google Forms to gather information from parents and students. As with all Google products, over time, they add new features that make our lives easier. 

I discovered a couple of improvements to Google Classroom and Forms that I think may make things a little easier to create assignments in Google Classroom and to use questions from older Google Forms or quizzes. Even if you don’t use Google Classroom, you might want to learn how to import questions from Forms you have already created. 

A teacher can now create a Quiz in Google Classroom and it will automatically create a form and attach it to the assignment. This is designed to save you time, but you may be thinking, I already have a form created that I want to insert. This is where the ability to import quizzes from older forms comes in handy. Let’s start by creating an assignment in Google Classroom. 

In your stream, click on Classwork so that you can create a new assignment. 

Google Forms

Next, click on “Create”, then select Quiz Assignment. 

Google forms

This opens up an assignment that has a new Form attached that just needs to be edited. 

Google Forms

Next, rename the Quiz. You are now ready to import questions into this quiz. 

Google Forms

You will be directed to your Drive to find a Form that has questions you want to pull from. 

Google Forms

Select the questions you want to use and then click on Import Questions. 

Google Forms

At this point, you can repeat the process and pull questions from another Form, or edit the Form to add, delete, or edit the content. 

Below is a short video demonstrating how to do this. 

Remember, even if you don’t use Google Classroom, the ability to import questions from older Forms should save you a ton of time as you repurpose some of your lessons from last year! 

For more information about Google Forms check out these blog post:

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Daniel April 6, 2021 - 11:59 am

Thanks for the great resources! Would you say there have been any more adjustments to Google Forms since 2019 that make Google Forms even more valuable for teachers today?

Ivy April 28, 2021 - 8:54 am

Thank you for all the resources!


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