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TCEA Announces Dynamic Instruction with Project-Based Learning (PBL)

by Miguel Guhlin

Creating authentic learning experiences for students through project-based learning can be tough to plan and implement! TCEA provides access to a high-quality, self-paced course to help: Dynamic Instruction with PBL. Start the course anytime and access its content for up to one year after your enrollment date. What’s more, complete course content at your own speed throughout, watch videos, get suggestions, and gather resources to guide your construction of PBL lessons. And earn a digital badge, a digital certificate, and 12 CPE hours upon course completion– for $39.

TCEA's PBL certified educator badge

Become an Authentic, Engaging PBL Designer

The primary course developer is Dawn Drisdale, and her work on this course has been fantastic. She creates engaging learning experiences in the PBL course modules through the combination of several elements, like:

  • Storytelling
  • Disruptive instructional practices
  • Integrating innovative technology into rigorous curricula

PBL Course Modules

Explore a model and framework for PBL lessons. Then, proceed further to design rigorous, authentic learning lessons! You’ll continue on in the course to establish a clear plan for what and how students will learn content. This course puts building inquiry, empowering students, and assessment at its core.

The course includes five modules:

  1. Principles of Project-Based Learning
  2. Designing High-Quality Project-Based Learning
  3. Planning for Project-Based Learning
  4. Building Inquiry and Empowering Students
  5. Assessments in Project-Based Learning
TCEA's PBL course modules and descriptions

The purpose of this course is to expand your comfort zone and broaden your knowledge of high-quality project-based learning. The strategies and skills explored in this course will enable you to equip students; and as a result, students will be successful in their educational journey. There is no need to have any previous experience with PBL in order to complete this course!

How To Sign Up

Individuals can enroll in the course for just $39, and groups of 10 or more can register for $34 per person. Contact me, Miguel Guhlin (mguhlin@tcea.org), for quotes for 10 or more people. Large groups can also pay via TCEA Credit Card Authorization Form.

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