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Enhance Student Learning with SketchUp Pro

by Joe Vasquez
SketchUp Pro - 3D Modeling Software

Strengthen your students’ skill set using SketchUp Pro, simple 3D modeling software that can empower learners to explore complex design ideas while developing critical thinking skills. A great tool to construct 3D models of buildings or recreate historical monuments and the like, SketchUp Pro can be used for all types of lessons that are best illustrated using 3D design.


Known for its ease of usability, SketchUp Pro is a powerful 3D modeling software that is fun to use and easy to learn. Enable your students’ creativity by transforming their thoughts into digital creations. Gather ideas from the software’s 3D Warehouse where you’ll be able to find virtually any 3D model imaginable for free.

Get an overview of the software and learn all about its latest upgrades and essential functions by signing up for our upcoming webinar on March 27; click here for details. The webinar is free to members, as is the SketchUp Pro software. You can also discover new tips and tricks by watching one or more of the software’s tutorials and obtain answers to impending questions by visiting the SketchUp forums.

Think Outside the Box

Break the norm and use 3D modeling to explore different concepts and ideas across all content areas. Initially developed to assist architects in designing buildings and exploring complex 3D design ideas, SketchUp Pro, has evolved to provide a wide-range of applications for your classroom. From designing the Leaning Tower of Pisa to sketching the human brain, the options are limitless! Use the software to encourage self-expression and creativity for your students.

Get Started Today!

Ready to harness the power of SketchUp Pro? TCEA is here to help! Whether you are a teacher looking to obtain a single license or a tech director needing to update every school-owned computer, TCEA can provide you the modeling software for FREE, typically $495 per license. Through our partnership with Trimble, we are able to offer all K-12 public school educators and students in Texas a free license of the program. To make the software accessible for all, you do not need to be a member of TCEA to take advantage of this great opportunity; just complete this form to receive your free license.

Are you ready to introduce your students to SketchUp Pro? Get your free software license today!


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