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Sending URLs to Younger Students Easily

by Lori Gracey

Getting all of your primary students onto a website can be a pain sometimes. Even if you use a URL shortener, mistakes can and do happen as they type in the address. Here are a few solutions to quickly and easily get your kids onto the correct page.

Google Tone – Download this Chrome extension onto your computer and the computers that your students will be using. Then go to the website you want to send to your students. Make sure your microphone is on and then the extension will broadcast the URL to any nearby computers. It’s that simple. Obviously, if the room is too loud, Tone may not work as well.

Chirp – If you want to have students share URLs, photos, videos, and PDF documents from their tablet/phone to each other, you can use this free app that also works with sound. Chirp is available for both Android and iOS.

SymbalooEDU – With a free education account, Symbaloo will allow you to manage your bookmarks and share them with others. Add the URL of the website you want students to visit and its logo will appear on the Symbaloo screen making it easy for them to locate. One click and they’re there.

Lino – If your students will be working in a computer lab, create a free page with Lino on it and access it on all of the student computers. Then you can add URLs, photos, and files to the page and they will all appear on the students’ screens.

If you have other ways of getting URLs to your students, please share those in the Send Comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Mrs. Melodi Kunn February 23, 2016 - 8:50 am

I also like to use AirDrop on the iPads.


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