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The Eight Types of People You’ll Meet at TCEA 2017

by Lori Gracey
TCEA 2017

Attending a big convention like TCEA’s is all about the learning that happens: sessions to attend, new tools to try out, sharing ideas with innovative colleagues. But it’s also a fantastic opportunity to people watch. While you’re at TCEA 2017, be on the lookout for these eight distinctive types of people who will be attending.

The First Timer – You can spot this attendee easily by the glazed look on her face and the tentative way she travels around the convention center. Because she didn’t wear comfy shoes for the miles of walking, her feet hurt and she is overwhelmed by the choices presented to her. If you see the First Timer, give her a hug and help her find her session room. #TCEA17FirstTimer

The Veteran – Attending the convention for the 21st year in a row, the Veteran can remember when the rooms at the Austin Convention Center were named after Texas trees and rivers. He knows where every plug is located and the quickest way to get out of the keynote and into another session. The Veteran wears comfortable shoes, brings a water bottle to stay hydrated, wears layers to stay warm in the center, and packs snacks so he doesn’t have to pay $8 for a granola bar. Learn from him. #TCEA17NotMyFirst Rodeo

The Networker – For this educator, it’s not about the sessions attended; it’s all about who he can meet. Whether it’s someone he follows on Twitter or an author whose book he has read, the Networker wants to connect with as many people as he possibly can. He doesn’t hit his hotel room until late at night after he’s made the most of every chance available to connect with others. #AreYouSomeoneFamous

The Collector – Usually an elementary school teacher, the Collector’s role is to gather together as much swag from exhibitors as she can carry to take back and use in her classroom. While others may pass up the giveaway pens and small notepads, she eagerly dumps them in her shopping bag, delighted to have found more treasures for her students. She also happily sits through as many vendor demos as she can in the hopes of winning a door prize. #NeverHaveEnoughSwag

The Curator – Similar to the Collector, the Curator is at the convention to gather resources. But he is all about digital loot: new Web 2.0 tools, Google extensions, iOS apps, formative assessments, lesson plans, and anything else he can carry back. His greatest joy is in collecting handout URLs, scurrying from session to session to grab the link before moving on. We’re not really sure what he does with all of this when he returns to school, but hope he shares them with his peers. #JustNeedOneMoreTool

The Geek – This attendee can be easily spotted by the number of gadgets, dongles, and cables she is carrying around with her. If you need technical support, she can definitely help you solve your problem, regardless of the device in question. You can find her at the Recharge Stations sucking down power for all of her technology. #TooManyCables

The Sharer – Selected as the one person from his campus able to attend the convention, the Sharer is busy taking meticulous notes and then blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, and Voxering all that he is experiencing and learning. Follow him on social media and you’ll get a ton of resources easily. But don’t try to talk with him as he is too busy posting what he’s learned. #SoLuckytobeHere

The Collaborator – This attendee is searching for other educators she can work with throughout the school year. Interested in Project-Based Learning and global opportunities for her students, she is happy to talk with anyone to learn more about them and what they are doing in their schools. She doesn’t make it to many sessions, but spends a lot of time in the lounges meeting new friends. #SharingIsCaring

The one thing all of these people have in common is a passion for great teaching and using the best tools and most efficient practices. Join us and meet others like yourself at TCEA 2017, the Power of You!


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