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Step Up Your Leadership

by Lori Gracey

As a district leader, you already wield considerable influence, making decisions each day that affect every student and staff member. But I would like to ask you to ramp up your leadership and become one of the TCEA leaders on the board of directors.

TCEA and its 17,000 members are led by a dedicated group of 27 educators like yourself who make decisions on the direction of the organization. Their work during their terms of office impacts students and teachers and librarians and administrators across the entire state of Texas and beyond. They set policy and legislative agendas, working to ensure that learning with educational technology becomes stronger and more prevalent each year. They make a difference.

Nominations for some of the positions on the board are now open, and I would ask that you consider running for an office position. The positions available for this election are as follows:

  • Vice President (three-year term)
  • Convention Chair Elect (two-year term)
  • Finance and Records Chair (two-year term)
  • Area Director in areas 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 17 (three-year term)

Service on the board of directors is not arduous, but it does require a commitment to excellence. The board meets in four regular board meetings during the year (May, July, October, and January) and may also have special called meetings, which are held virtually. All board members are required to work the entire week of the TCEA Convention & Exposition in February. In addition, each area director is responsible for providing services to the members in his area, including a robotics contest and a second event, which could be a small conference, a workshop put on by TCEA staff, a webinar, or anything else needed by the members. Every board member has the full support of the TCEA staff and the organization’s resources, making it easier to serve.

In addition, board members receive advance information about new technologies and have the opportunity to network with and learn from the best minds in educational technology today. Professional development opportunities are provided as well.

Nominations will close at midnight on October 31. The election will be held November 7-18. Those elected will assume their duties on April 1, 2017. Won’t you nominate yourself and step up to a higher level of leadership service for the benefit of the students and educators across Texas?


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