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Written by Erin Taylor

There’s power in learning together. With each team member’s success, the rest of the team grows as well. Join TCEA as a team and see how far you can go!

Professional and college sports teams are a prime example of how a common goal can lead to incredible success, both in and out of the game. Each player wants to perform well and improve his own statistics. But it’s the team’s unity that takes an organization to the playoffs. As Vince Lombardi said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

If you’re a campus principal or district administrator, making your membership with TCEA into a team effort this year can have a tremendous impact! Here’s a page right out of our playbook on how to leverage a group membership into total team success.

Professional Development

Give your entire staff access to tips and lesson plans they can implement right away through our weekly Lunch and Learn webinar series. Watch live, or receive a link for convenient viewing. All 45 of these qualify for CPE credit and feature tried-and-true technology integration ideas perfect for the classroom. With a membership in TCEA, each of your staff has access to all of them, including those that have already occurred.

In addition to the free-to-members Lunch and Learn series, your staff will also have full access to monthly Get Your Google On webinars. These detailed professional development opportunities will help your staff fully integrate the power of G Suite tools into your students’ learning.


Share ideas, get solutions, and respond to problems and questions from others in your district, area, and all across the country in our TCEA Social Community. Connecting with other educators is a necessity when you want your team to improve performance. The TCEA Community makes it easy with groups for different grade levels, subject areas, technology platforms, and more.

Stay in the Know

TCEA provides updated information on the latest educational technology trends and happenings. Whether it’s through our quarterly print magazine, our bi-monthly TechNotes enewsletter, or our daily blog, your staff will always know best practices, the latest research, available grants, and much more. Keeping current with the barrage of technology can be tough, but we make it easy for everyone.


Districts that purchase or renew five or more individual memberships receive a discounted membership rate. A group of 50+ members will save $18 each – a savings of 36% over the regular membership price! That means that, if you’re an average size campus, you can provide a full year of quality, free, anytime, anywhere professional learning to each staff member for just $31. To take advantage of this savings and to find an exact breakdown of prices for each person in your group, see the Bulk Membership Form.

Gather your colleagues, coworkers, and fellow tech advocates together now. Share this blog post on your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or at your school to start gathering your group, and make 2017 a championship year for your team!


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